Weekly review: Week ending February 3, 2012

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Two weeks to go before I leave IBM. My current project is in user acceptance testing, and I’ve addressed practically all the feedback that the client sent. The project manager is impressed at how quickly things get done. There’s nothing like a clear end date to sharpen one’s focus! I want to get as much in before I go.

We’re squeezing another project into my last ten business days. I’m going to help a developer learn Drupal and take over this project for a non-profit based in Toronto. It’s good work, and it would be great for her to pick up Drupal.

Braindumping about how to rock at IBM will probably have to wait until after I leave. Folks can take care of resharing the resources internally. I’ve got quite a few tips to share. =) It would be great to see the ongoing conversations, but oh well!

This week, W- and I volunteered for the students’ field trip to the Ontario Science Centre. That was quite informative. We also spent a lot of time helping J- with her homework, as she has a couple of assignments due this week.

Busy week, but a good one. Next week will be good too!

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Discuss project T transition
    • [X] Work on project C styling
    • [-] Plan farewell lunch
  • Relationships
    • [X] Visit the Villanuevas
    • [X] Help with J’s homework
    • Volunteered to help with field trip to Ontario Science Centre
  • Life
    • [C] Look into switching to WIND and porting my number in order to take advantage of their data plan; decided against it for reliability reasons
    • [/] Collect referrals for accountants who focus on small businesses
    • [X] Figure out way to track and highlight exceptions thrown by Quantified Awesome

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Work on any UAT issues for project C
    • [ ] Train Regan for project T
    • [ ] Have exit interview
    • [ ] Plan pre-experiment lunch
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Help J- with homework
    • [ ] Get in touch with the Villanuevas regarding museum visit plans?
  • Life
    • [ ] Take more book notes – checked out lots of books from the library!
    • [ ] Go to doctor for regular checkup
    • [ ] Have eye exam
    • [ ] Look into health insurance

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