Mapping my blog archives

I was thinking about information management and how I could get a better sense of what’s in my blog archive. I’ve written a lot over the years, enough that I’m surprised by what I find in here.

Topical index of blog posts from 2008-2012

I’ll add 2007 and earlier posts over the next week. I’m also looking forward to revisiting the map of things I want to learn, and consciously planning what to write.

To create this index, I used the Org-compatible output that I built into my WordPress theme (it outputs post titles in list format). I copied and pasted the list into an Org file, temporarily changed all the list items to headings, and used org-refile to move items under categories as needed. Afterwards, I converted the link headings back into list items and used org-export to export the HTML. The process was fairly easy, but it took me about four hours to process slightly over three years of blog posts.