Weekly review: Week ending March 9, 2012

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Third week of being on my own, and first week on this consulting engagement. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I can help. It’s been fantastic. =) I like this, although I’m firm about my decision to spend time developing other ways to earn money.

W- and I spent Saturday evening watching YouTube clips of Victor Borge. He was totally awesome. If you’re into classical music, check him out. If you aren’t, check him out anyway.

I didn’t get as much done this week compared to last week, probably because I shifted my wake-up time two hours earlier and I needed to adjust. I slept around 5 hours less this week than last week: 57 hours compared to about 62 hours, but still a decent 8 hours a day. I worked 41.5 hours on consulting, and I spent a little time planning as well. I need to go back to doing my week-by-week analysis of where I spend time – it will be interesting to see patterns.

From last week’s plans

  • Business
    • [X] Start with enterprise collaboration consulting
    • [-] Business dev: Redesign site landing page and about page
    • [X] Business dev: Create and post more visual book notes
    • [X] Follow up with project O
    • [-] Reach out to Quantified Awesome folks
    • [X] Attend Ruby Hack Night
  • Relationships
    • [X] Attend Maira’s get-together
    • [C] Attend Annika Martins meetup – skipped in favour of Skype chat with my mom, who ended up being busy
    • Exercised with W-
    • Chatted with Robert Terpstra
    • Talked to Ernesto Ramirez and Eric Blue regarding Quantified Self meetups
  • Life
    • [-] Go for a two-hour walk
    • [-] Plan what I want to learn how to draw
    • Read quite a few books, took notes

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • Active
      • [ ] Project E1: File time
      • [ ] Project E1: Do more consulting
    • Connecting
      • [X] Attend WordPress meetup
      • [ ] Plan site landing page and about page
      • [ ] Participate in U of T panel (Kelly Lyons)
      • [ ] Write testimonials for former colleagues
      • [ ] Attend small business networking get-together at TPL on March 13
    • Misc
      • [ ] Look into project O issue with confirmations
      • [ ] Draw more book notes and share them
      • [ ] Set up business credit card
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Go on bike ride with W-
    • [ ] Cook batch of food
  • Life
    • [ ] Go for good long walk – maybe Friday? Two hours?

Time analysis

Activity Last week This week Notes
Business 25.0 46.2 Consulting
Discretionary 54.7 29.9
Personal 16.1 20.0
Sleep 61.8 57.4 Shifted to early-morning schedule, too
Unpaid work 10.4 14.5 More commuting

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