Weekly review: Week ending April 20, 2012

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Finally, a chance to sit down! I spent 11 AM to 5 PM today cooking and baking: home-made pizza (dough and all!), two batches of bagels, coconut buns, and sixteen portions of beef bulgogi lunches for the coming weeks. Tired but happy. Life is good.

From last week’s plans

  • Business
    • [X] Earn: E1: Tue-Thu (training, prototyping)
    • [X] Connect: Meet business mentors (PL and JV)
    • [X] Connect: Quantified Self meetup
    • [X] Build: Practise more with Artrage Studio Pro
    • [X] Build: Go through a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator
    • [X] Build: Draw more visual metaphors
    • Earn: Deposited cheques
    • Connect: Re-enabled email notifications for project O
    • Build: Practised tracing pictures
    • Build: Sent corrected paperwork
    • Build: Analyzed finances, planned ahead
  • Relationships
    • [X] Have cherry-blossom picnic
    • [X] Watch movies with W-
    • Helped with math study group
    • Accompanied J- on cherry-blossom picnic with her friends
  • Life
    • [X] Catch up on reading! =)
    • Filed personal taxes
    • Wrote blogging backlog
    • Tried working from library: fun!
    • Studied Latin

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • [ ] Earn: E1: Tue-Thu (training, prototyping)
    • [ ] Connect: E1: Get-together on Monday
    • [ ] Connect: Quantified Self meeting with journalist on Monday
    • [ ] Connect: Catch up on post-meeting notes
    • [ ] Build: Draw more visual metaphors
  • Relationships
    • [X] Bake pizza, bagels, and buns for W- and J-
    • [ ] Take care of chores
  • Life
    • [ ] Latin: Finish chapter 3 exercises in Latin Made Simple
    • [ ] Gardening: Plant more bitter melon seeds (maybe in the greenhouse?)

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