Weekly review: Week ending April 27, 2012

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Two social events last Monday, and I was pretty much wiped out afterwards. I took it easy afterwards, and the rest of the week eventually brought me back to a good balance. =)

From last week’s plans

  • Business
    • [X] Earn: E1: Tue-Thu (training, prototyping)
    • [X] Connect: E1: Get-together on Monday
    • [X] Connect: Quantified Self meeting with journalist on Monday
    • [X] Connect: Catch up on post-meeting notes
    • [-] Build: Draw more visual metaphors
  • Relationships
    • [X] Bake pizza, bagels, and buns for W- and J-
    • [X] Take care of chores
    • Helped with math study group; the kids really need help reviewing
    • Watched La Strada and Winter’s Bone with W-
  • Life
    • [X] Latin: Finish chapter 3 exercises in Latin Made Simple
    • [-] Gardening: Plant more bitter melon seeds (maybe in the greenhouse?) – still getting frost!
    • Learned more about Emacs Org and the agenda mode, yay!
    • Brought my ledger up to date

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • [ ] Earn: E1: Mon-Thu (training, prototyping)
    • [ ] Connect: Attend open source meetup
    • [ ] Build: Draw a visual metaphor
  • Relationships
    • [X] Spend time walking around with W-
    • [ ] Hang out with J-‘s friends’ parents
    • [ ] Get together for the Avengers
    • Helped look around for a scooter
  • Life
    • [ ] Get halfway through chapter 4 of Latin Made Simple

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