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This should be the last of the major gadget changes for a while. Lots of changes, so the next few weeks will be packed with learning as I figure out new capabilities and workflows.

I switched to WIND Mobile‘s Back to School unlimited data plan ($29) because it was cheaper than my voice and texting plan with Fido. Coverage seems to be pretty good, although it was hard to call from within MEC (but it’s always hard to call from MEC). The porting process finished within seven hours, and I hope the termination of my previous plan is uneventful as well.

Along the way, I decided to upgrade from the Google Nexus One to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’ve been looking forward to playing around with newer versions of Android, especially when it comes to mobile development. The front-facing and back-facing cameras might be handy, too. Also, the S3 has these awesome motion-based actions! I feel like the future is here.

The Nomad Brush stylus has arrived, too, and I’ve been playing around with it on my tablet. I ordered the stylus with two tips: one is a long brush made with conductive fibers, and the other is a smaller, more constrained version of the same that is more useful for detailed work. Both brush tips feel great, but it’s a pity that none of the drawing apps I tried were comparable to the layered, pen/touch-focused awesomeness of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on my Lenoxo X220 tablet PC. Although Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Android uses the same painting engine that the desktop version uses, it’s not as responsive or as handy. (I miss the lasso tool and juggling lots of layers.) Still, the brush seems great. Now I have to learn how to paint.

I’ll give the new phone about two weeks or so, and then I’ll look into selling my old phone. People are advertising them on Craigslist for $160 or so. I’ll probably sell it for cheaper – maybe $100 or $120 – because the battery’s a little run down, but it would be nice to have it out there being used by someone instead of just languishing in a drawer. (Although I suppose one could always brainstorm uses for a small WiFi device that has Bluetooth and a touchscreen…)

With the new phone and the Asus Infinity TF700 I’ve been getting used to, I’m definitely kitted out. No more tech buying for the next little while. I have to learn to use what I have first!

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