Weekly review: Week ending November 3, 2012

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Second week of conference sprint. Toronto was buffeted by Hurricane Sandy, but skipped the worst of it. I stayed home instead of going to some of the events, although I went to Startup Communities and WordCamp Developers Toronto.

I skipped the MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 lecture this week, but for a good cause – a friend had a wisdom tooth taken out, and needed help recovering.

I think I’m through the most packed part. I have a speaking engagement on the 28th. I’ve been turning my discretionary days to good use, reaching out to my networks and looking for ways to help. This turns out to be lots of fun.

From last week’s plans


  • [X] Earn: E1: Consulting (3 days)
  • [C] Connect: Sketchnote The Business of Awesome (Mon) – Hurricane Sandy, so stayed home
  • [C] Connect: Sketchnote Toronto Star Business Club event (Tue) – didn’t go
  • [X] Connect: Sketchnote Startup Communities (Tue)
  • [X] Connect: Sketchnote Entrepreneurship 101 (Wed)
  • [C] Connect: Attend Startup Drinks (Wed)
  • [X] Connect: Sketchnote WordCamp Developers (Fri, Sat?)
  • [X] Build: Purchase TurboTax and give it a try
  • [X] Build: Help Linda with post-sketchnote process
  • [X] Build: Back up my files
  • [C] Build: Perhaps find another accountant/bookkeeper who can doublecheck the work?
  • Filed my taxes and HST!


  • [X] Get back into the swing of household routines
  • [X] Attend Emma’s get-together
  • [-] Set up regular get-togethers
  • Help Rachel recover


  • [X] Work on art assignment
  • [X] Set up sketchnote lessons?

Plans for next week


  • [ ] Earn: E1: Tue, Wed, Thu
  • [ ] Connect: Sketchnote WordCamp Developers 2012
  • [X] Connect: Follow up with Javed Khan (Empression)
  • [X] Connect: Talk to Myles Harrison about analytics
  • [ ] Connect: Reach out to Todd and Lynne Waymon (Contacts Count)
  • [ ] Connect: Tue: Attend $100 Startup book club at MaRS
  • [ ] Connect: Wed: Sketchnote ING Direct panel “Innovatively Speaking”
  • [ ] Connect: Catch up with Jeff Widman
  • [X] Build: Attend art class
  • [ ] Build: Prepare talk and executive summary


  • [ ] Spend time at home


  • [ ] Relax

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