Weekly review: Week ending April 25, 2014

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I'm experimenting with spending more time focusing on Emacs. So far, it's working well. I've been moving more resources to Git and github.io (http://github.com/sachac/) to make it easier for people to check out and view the Org files in Emacs. And people have started sending me pull requests, hooray! itsjeyd contributed a section to this Emacs Lisp tutorial. This week, I'm planning to flesh out the reading Emacs Lisp tutorial more.

Blog posts


Link round-up

Focus areas and time review

  • Business (32.9h – 19%)
    • [ ] Earn: E1: 2.5-3.5 days of consulting
    • [ ] Go to Quantified Self meetup
    • [ ] Host visual thinkers meetup
    • [ ] Record session on learning keyboard shortcuts
    • Earn (12.9h – 39% of Business)
    • Build (9.7h – 29% of Business)
      • [X] Build – Coding: Tweak post info to appear in sidebar on wide screens (> 1600px)
      • [X] Add batch operation for "Today" and "Yesterday" to clothing view
      • [X] Read Eloquent Ruby
      • [X] Track all the experiments
      • [X] Fix vagrant VM
      • [X] Analyze a year of clothing data
      • Drawing (0.5h)
      • Delegation (2.5h)
        • [X] Brainstorm more tasks
        • [X] Add more tasks to delegation board in Trello
      • Packaging (0.0h)
        • [X] Set up custom domain for git, update redirects
        • [X] Decide on Linode crossgrade to SSD
        • [X] Getting R and ggplot2 to work in Emacs Org Mode Babel blocks; also, tracking the number of TODOs
        • [X] Use the structured debriefing framework for one occasion, then reflect on it
      • Paperwork (0.1h)
      • Emacs
        • [X] Outline a book or the key things that need improved documentation/tutorials
        • [X] Learn how to plot with Org and R
        • [X] Clean up live coding screencast for viewing tasks by project
        • [X] Add more sections to Emacs Lisp tutorial
        • [X] Experiment with exporting orgtbl
        • [X] https://github.com/robtillotson/org-pandoc
        • [X] Reinvesting time and money into Emacs
        • [X] Share picking up workflow tips by reading other people's configs
    • Connect (10.3h – 31% of Business)
      • [X] Help with gozes' configuration
      • [X] Help zeltak
      • [X] Invite bbatsov for an Emacs Chat
      • [X] Plan pairing with Tom Marble?
      • [X] Set up interviews with people
      • [X] Talk to David Wolever about Emacs
      • [X] Frugal Fire: Co-host interview with Bakari
      • [X] Frugal Fire: Transition to Jordan
      • [X] Check parts for rice cooker
      • [X] Fix rice cooker
      • [X] Chat with splintercdo (Janis) about literate programming
      • [X] Set up conversations
  • Relationships (5.9h – 3%)
  • Discretionary – Productive (28.5h – 16%)
    • [X] Ask questions in public
    • [X] Download talks as MP3
    • [X] Follow up on missing book? Obliquity
    • [X] Make a list of questions I'm curious about
    • [X] Tidy up desk
    • [X] What's new in Rails
    • [X] [#C] Track cat data
    • [ ] Deposit USD
    • [ ] [#C] Tracking: Update the number of tasks
    • Writing (9.5h)
  • Discretionary – Play (16.9h – 10%)
  • Personal routines (25.0h – 14%)
  • Unpaid work (6.1h – 3%)
  • Sleep (55.6h – 33% – average of 7.9 per day)

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