Weekly review: Week ending August 1, 2014

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This was a week of lots of reading and philosophical reflections. =) Lots of work, too, since the clients need a little extra help. It's a good excuse to learn more about both front-end development and analytics, anyway. I went to a couple of parties and had fun chatting with people. I'm getting better at stepping back and enjoying the conversation without worrying about the quiet bits.

I practiced the Japanese curry recipe again. Mmm. I think this will be one of our go-to recipes. We also harvested the blueberries from the yard – it's just a handful, but it's a yummy handful.

W- and I have resolved to be more adventurous in terms of food and activities. Left to our own devices (literally, even), we tend to spend the time at home. Maybe even working. It's summer! There's always something happening. So now we're making ourselves go out and try things, especially if we can find interesting meals that we'd like to replicate at home. (I enjoy cooking more than I enjoy eating out, weirdly.) For example, having Japanese curry at Gyugyuya launched us on this Japanese-curry-from-scratch kick, and I'm becoming more comfortable with making that now. The Caribbean Festival is on this weekend, and the Taste of the Danforth is next weekend. Maybe we'll try those out.

Next week: Writing, work, and cooking. Life is good!

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Link round-up

Focus areas and time review

  • Business (30.6h – 18%)
    • Earn (23.8h – 77% of Business)
      • E1: Finish transition video draft
      • E1: Train TR
      • E1: Work on second video draft
      • Earn: E1: 2.5-3.5 days of consulting
    • Build (0.6h – 1% of Business)
      • Paperwork (0.6h)
    • Connect (6.2h – 20% of Business)
  • Relationships (9.4h – 5%)
    • Attend Nadia's party
    • Attend Paul's party
    • Attend potluck
    • Discuss F2
    • Have coffee with Andrew
    • Make cabbage stew at Hacklab
    • Cook at Hacklab?
    • Watch Guardians of the Galaxy, yay!
  • Discretionary – Productive (21.1h – 12%)
    • Record chat with Harry Schwartz
    • [#C] Track cat data – State “DONE” from “STARTED” [2014-06-25 Wed 23:30]
    • Get back into drawing things I'm learning about
    • Get new bike brakes
    • Get some laces and set up a knot-tying practice area
    • Reread Latin textbook chapter now that I've picked up more vocabulary
    • [#C] Tracking: Update the number of tasks
    • Writing (8.8h)
  • Discretionary – Play (8.3h – 4%)
  • Personal routines (28.5h – 16%)
  • Unpaid work (9.5h – 5%)
  • Sleep (60.6h – 36% – average of 8.7 per day)
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