Weekly review: Week ending April 3, 2015

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This was a good week for improving and applying skills, collecting ideas, and reflecting. I finally sewed the box cushion covers that have been on my to-do list since 2009 or so. Mwahaha! I also learned how to use the laser cutter at Hacklab, so I've been plotting ways to use that to make life better (following up on the ideas we heard from Bruce Sterling's talk at SXSW on open source luxury and tech in the home). I've been thinking about what I might want to do for my fifth year of this experiment with semi-retirement, so I'm collecting ideas, skills, and people. So, lots of reflection this week, which is good.

I also experimented with a private yoga session. It was a lot more expensive than a group class, but I picked up useful feedback and personalized exercises to work on. I'll see if I can build a habit of doing those things at home over the next month. So far, so good.

I slept a lot this week, which was rather odd. Oh well, that's life. Still got a lot done, though!

Next week, I'm looking forward to:

  • more yoga
  • recording another Emacs video with John Wiegley
  • more reflections
  • more time with friends
  • and more awesomeness!

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Blog posts


Link round-up

Focus areas and time review

  • Business (34.8h – 20%)
    • Hang out with Emacs geeks
    • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Earn (9.4h – 27% of Business)
    • Build (6.1h – 17% of Business)
      • Drawing (4.6h)
      • Delegation (0.0h)
      • Packaging (0.0h)
      • Paperwork (1.2h)
        • Add dividends to my tax form
        • Check with W- regarding RRSP
    • Connect (19.2h – 55% of Business)
  • Relationships (1.9h – 1%)
    • Hang out with Eric on Friday
    • Drop gift off at Jen's
  • Discretionary – Productive (15.1h – 8%)
    • Emacs (1.9h – 1% of all)
      • Record use-package video
      • Make Google+ event for hangout with John Wiegley
    • Make bias cut template
    • Make Sorbetto base
    • Review Createspace
    • Sort out rest of taxes for 2014
    • Try laser registration ideas
    • Writing (3.6h)
  • Discretionary – Play (2.3h – 1%)
  • Personal routines (34.3h – 20%)
  • Unpaid work (13.1h – 7%)
  • Sleep (66.6h – 39% – average of 9.5 per day)

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