Weekly review: Week ending November 20, 2015

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This week was a good week for learning more about coding. The Toronto Public Library hackathon turned out to be an excellent excuse to dig into geographic visualizations and user scripts, and I picked up a few search tips from the mentors there. My tiny hack for displaying branch search results on a map of neighbourhood libraries won the best idea prize at the hackathon, yay! I spent some time after the hackathon cleaning up my code and turning it into something I can use without having a server running. I'm starting to really like this practice of having lots of small tests, too – hooray for Jasmine! =) See my notes for more details.

Lots of Emacs-related stuff. Another edition of Emacs News, another Emacs Hangout, and lots of editing of the EmacsWiki. It's a good community, and it's nice to be able to help out.

Ups and downs, energy-wise, but W- thoughtfully stepped in with some mid-week cooking. He's so awesome. I'll probably take it easy for the next few weeks instead of tilting the balance towards consulting. Still, there's plenty to do and plenty to learn. =)

2015-11-23a Week ending 2015-11-20 -- index card #journal #weekly output

Blog posts


Focus areas and time review

  • Business (34.9h – 20%)
    • Earn (12.0h – 34% of Business)
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
      • Rewrite to use pg backend
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Build (18.0h – 51% of Business)
      • Drawing (2.8h)
      • Paperwork (0.0h)
      • Exploring neighbourhood libraries, and other notes from the Toronto Public Library Hackathon
      • Convert to client-side code
    • Connect (5.0h – 14% of Business)
  • Relationships (3.5h – 2%)
    • Meet with M
    • G.t.
  • Discretionary – Productive (11.9h – 7%)
    • Emacs (9.6h – 5% of all)
      • Do another Emacs News review
      • Announce Emacs Hangout
      • Host Emacs Hangout
      • Queue Emacs News updates
      • Fix refiling from agenda
      • Clock into existing or new task
      • Write about setup for e-mail
      • Figure out what's going on with my org mode HTML export and targets
        • Update CUSTOM_ID in my config
      • Write starter guide for Emacs community
      • Write GetHelp page
      • Check out yaoddmuse – johnw
      • Tell Gnus to never show HTML mail
      • Do another Emacs News review
    • Catalogue filing cabinet
    • Set up rsync backup
    • Memorize pronouns
    • Re-memorize declensions
    • Sewing (0.0h)
    • Writing (2.2h)
  • Discretionary – Play (10.0h – 5%)
  • Personal routines (31.3h – 18%)
  • Unpaid work (11.2h – 6%)
  • Sleep (64.0h – 38% – average of 9.1 per day)

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