Weekly review: Week ending March 4, 2016

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Second week of life with a baby. We did a field test of baby wearing and the camera backpack we'd converted into a diaper bag. We made it out to Dufferin Mall, changed the baby's diaper, nursed in the nursing station, and even picked up a few supplies. Slowly gaining confidence and competence, hooray!

We started cloth diapering this week, too. So far, so good! We'll still probably use disposable diapers at night and when we're out, but it's good to get the rhythm of laundry and diapering going.

I've been getting lots of practice in holding the fort. Actually, things are pretty manageable. I still haven't made it out to the supermarket or the library on my own. With the way things are, though, it's better to take it easy and minimize risks.

Starting to learn more about the landscape ahead of us: met with the doctors at the Sick Kids Eye Clinic to learn more about microphthalmia, and met with the pediatric cardiologist to follow up on the murmur.

We picked a name for her, yay! She'll hereafter be known on this blog as A-. Hello world!

2016-03-06a Week ending 2016-03-04 -- index card #journal #weekly output

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Focus areas and time review

  • Business (6.7h – 4%)
    • Earn (0.0h – 0% of Business)
      • ☑ Prepare invoice
    • Build (6.4h – 94% of Business)
      • Drawing (3.6h)
      • Paperwork (1.9h)
    • Connect (0.4h – 5% of Business)
  • Relationships (6.7h – 3%)
    • ☑ Update family
    • ☑ Build data analysis tool for baby connect data
    • ☑ Easily dump CSV for baby connect data
    • ☑ Draft name announcement
    • ☑ Write about micropthalmia
  • Discretionary – Productive (6.4h – 3%)
    • Emacs (0.0h – 0% of all)
    • Sewing (0.3h)
    • Writing (5.8h)
    • ☑ Consider dentist change
    • ☑ Switch phone to personal credit card
    • ☑ Check out Telegram bot API
  • Discretionary – Play (1.7h – 1%)
  • Personal routines (16.6h – 9%)
  • Unpaid work (78.5h – 46%)
  • Sleep (51.4h – 30% – average of 7.3 per day)

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