Weekly review: Week ending January 6, 2017

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It got a lot colder this week, so A- and I mostly stayed indoors. Not a bad time to stay close to home, anyway. W-'s knee flared up again, so he spent a few days resting and icing it.

We did make a few trips out. We took A- for a routine checkup at the eye clinic in Sick Kids Hospital. Her right eye seems to be developing normally – 20/80 vision based on 7.1 on the Teller acuity test. It turns out that both W- and I have large optic nerves, so that might explain hers too. They gave us a prescription for safety glasses for A- to protect her vision as she becomes more mobile. I'll probably get her a pair of Miraflex frames once the weather warms up.

A- got a little overtired while waiting at the hospital, but she recovered after a good nap in the afternoon. Between that and the gradual emergence of her first tooth, sleep has been a little irregular, with occasional late-night wakings and lots of nursing in bed. That's okay, it's just part of life. I've been able to write a lot on my phone, thanks to my new workflow with Google Tasks and Org Mode, so it's easy enough to make use of all that time in bed.

When she's not asleep or nursing, A- is curious and active. She clearly enjoys the somersaults that W- guides her through, and often tips her head back to signal that she wants another turn. She's also getting better at signaling when she doesn't want any more food. She's probably trying to figure out how to shake her head for "no", but at the moment, scrunching her eyes and nodding sharply will do.

I tried following up on some paperwork (T4 and T5 slips, my parents' visa applications), but the government systems were down for scheduled maintenance. Next week, then. Paid myself dividends and reimbursed my company for my part of split expenses. I also filled my TFSA for the year, hooray!

I also fixed my evil plans Org Mode file so that it worked with the lexical scoping in Org 9. I changed the code that produced my graph to explicitly invoke Org Babel with parameters instead of trying to piggyback on the parameters passed in the original block. I also updated a few of the goals. I broke a few links in the process, but fortunately org-lint helped me quickly identify them.

A- and I video-chatted with my mom and with Kathy, with brief appearances by G* and A*. Also, It was J-'s birthday, so we celebrated with some tarts that Y- bought.

Odd moment: Neko fell into the shallow bath I'd washed A- in, and had to be rescued by W-. The poor dear.

We reviewed our emergency preparations, moving food past their best-before dates to the pantry and restocking the bags with new snacks. We added diapers, wipes, and baby clothes, too. Good to prepare for winter storms or neighbourhood gas-leak evacuations.

Jen and E- dropped by with more clothes for A-. It was awesome to see E- toddling around. So independent! A- will get there some day.

I made shepherd's pie for our lunch, and that worked out surprisingly well. W- spent an afternoon making lamb korma – so nice! – and some banchan too. The roast veg recipe from the science of cooking book was yummy, although I'm not sure about the value of using aluminum to steam the veg in the pan instead of washing another pot. Washing is easy enough, anyway.

What a full week! Next week: another conformer for A-, slightly warmer weather, more paperwork, and a return to consulting.

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Focus areas and time review

  • Business (0.1h – 0%)
    • Earn (0.0h – 0% of Business)
    • Build (0.1h – 100% of Business)
      • ☑ See if I can downscale my Linode
      • ☑ Write the business a personal cheque and deposit it
      • ☑ Pay myself dividends
      • ☐ Issue T4
      • ☐ Issue T5
    • Connect (0.0h – 0% of Business)
  • Relationships (2.1h – 1%)
    • ☑ File photos of borrowed clothes
    • ☑ Follow-up at eye clinic
    • ☑ Follow up on visa
  • Discretionary – Productive (3.7h – 2%)
    • Drawing (2.0h)
      • ☑ Review month
    • Emacs (1.2h)
      • ☐ [#A] Do another Emacs News review
      • ☑ Org effort filtering
      • ☑ Fix evil plans
      • ☑ Help with table issue
    • Coding (0.0h)
    • Sewing (0.0h)
    • Writing (0.1h)
    • ☐ Rebalance CAD to US
    • ☑ Move money to TFSA
  • Discretionary – Play (1.3h – 0%)
  • Personal routines (10.9h – 6%)
  • Unpaid work (80.0h – 47%)
    • Childcare (76.1h – 45% of total)
  • Sleep (69.9h – 41% – average of 10.0 per day)

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