Week ending 2018-03-16

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It was March Break, so we wanted to avoid indoor crowds. Instead, we went to playgrounds, checked out High Park Zoo, and joined Jen and E- on a visit to the piglets at Riverdale Farm.

The 2-year-old sleep regression seems to have hit us hard. A- and I have been up in the wee hours of the morning. We did manage to have a video chat with Lola one time. A- had a lot of fun singing, dancing, and pretend-cooking for Lola.

We visited W-‘s parents during the weekend, too. While A- played, I filled them in on upcoming medical things and A-‘s development.

A- liked the ducks at High Park, too, so that's what our songs and crafts have focused on as well. I stocked up on construction paper, felt, pompoms, googly eyes, mini popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners.

Lots of spinning around with a tray and jumping up and down on the bed. She asked for “bubbles through the air,” and enjoyed catching and stomping them. She laced a belt through my belt loops and helped me buckle it.

A- has started saying things like “Oh my goodness” and “Good idea!” which amuses me. She picked up my She also started explaining herself, as in “I want to nurse in carrier because I tired,” and “I'm nervous about Luke.” We had fun singing her ever-growing repertoire of nursery rhymes.

Her pretend play has been split between reenacting the fun she had at the playground (sandboxes and twisty slides) and reenacting the long flights she took to visit Lolo and Lola. Aside from the occasional “I sit in bassinet a long time,” (which I wish she did – she spent most of the flight in my arms) she seems cheerful enough about the experience, particularly the bits about bringing luggage and asking flight attendants to bring food. She'll need to travel in her own seat now, so we'll see how she adjusts to that.

She played hide and seek in the bedroom. Mostly this consists of us hiding together, although sometimes she gets excited about finding me. Slowly practising separation!


  • I figured out how to make a small, captioned photobook using 4-up imposition.
  • I backed up photo highlights to the NAS and started tagging them with metadata.
  • W- kitted out the playroom with more Trofast drawers. It looks neat.
  • I tried out a paper lesson planner. The month view is good for remembering.
  • I set up scripts for backing up my server to the NAS.
  • We cleared another bookshelf for A-‘s use.
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