Weekly review: Week ending August 10, 2018

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  • Field trip
    • We went to the Horse Palace and caught the show. A- liked pretending to be a farmer (milking a pretend cow, collecting pretend eggs, etc.), riding a mechanical horse, riding a small cart, riding a small motorized tractor, and watching the show. She decided to skip the pony ride.
  • Gross motor
    • A- got the hang of doing forward rolls and did them all over the mattress.
  • Language
    • "I don't like Mama's friends. I like my own friends. I like E-."
    • "I don't know that word. The water word," A- said, referring to the word "gulp" from a book we had read earlier that afternoon.
    • "'Let me go first,' said the train. 'Let me go last,' said the train." I'm not sure where that came from, but it was interesting to hear her make up a pair of quotes.
    • Talking about thoughts: "I thought about the cart."
  • Music
    • A- asked me to sing "Drink Up Me Hearties" while she nursed.
  • Art
    • A- made a book by gluing felt pieces to paper. She called it her colouring book.
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- went upstairs to get her own clothes all by herself. She came down with a shirt and two pairs of pants. Turned out she wanted to wear one pair of pants as a hat.
    • A- wanted to learn how to tie my shoelaces. I managed to help her through one bow.
    • I'm working on going to sleep more predictably, although I'm okay with A- staying up a little if she wants to. This week, I introduced a musical signal for when I'm going to sleep, which might become a good alternative cue since we're also working on night weaning.
  • Emotion
    • A- was upset because I set limits on nursing. After lots of crying, she said, "I want Sheep to hold." She fell asleep snuggling Sheep while I snuggled her.
  • Social
    • A- looked at her shoes on the new shelf, decided the new shelf was all hers, and moved our extra shoes off the shelf.
    • I reminded A- that she needed to be quiet in W-'s room. She said, "I'm being quiet," and then proceeded to sing "Eh soom boo kawaya" in a whisper.
  • Pretend
    • A- pretended to be the neighbour's dog. She liked fetching a small ball.
    • A- wanted to copy the way the Cat in the Hat held his hands. She asked me to teach her. After I arranged her fingers, she smiled the way she thought the cat smiled.
    • A- roleplayed as Yousria from the drop-in centre. She asked W- to knock on the pretend door, and then she opened it and welcomed him in. She also roleplayed checking into a hotel, getting the room key, and putting the room key into a slot by the door.
    • A- pretended to play a tug-of-war with an imaginary carrot, roleplaying the scene from "Warning! Do Not Touch!".
    • A- reenacted scenes from the Curious George book. She liked pretending to be caught in a hat or blown away with balloons. She also liked pretending to go to the zoo and distribute balloons.
    • Yay, nature class is starting to influence play. A- wanted to make a nest out of a blanket. She pretended to sleep on invisible eggs.
  • Cognition
    • W- found the Opposites game in my stash. A- matched up cards with a little help. I think she mostly went by picture similarity, but she was also able to complete pairs if we labeled them verbally and gave her choices.
    • A- wanted to play with the opposites puzzle. She matched up three sets of five pairs.
  • World
    • We followed a garbage truck up the street. A- liked watching the arms shake out the contents of the bins, and she also liked waving at the worker.
    • The nature class focused on trees. We looked at woodpecker holes, used forest matter to make nests, and sniffed a sassafras leaf.
  • Kaizen
    • W- fixed his glasses and I started patching my carrier.
    • We tidied up the front shelf and added an extra level. W- prototyped a shallow divider to keep the backpacks upright.
  • Us
    • I reviewed the past year.

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