Weekly review: Week ending December 14, 2018

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A big week for us, so we kept things pretty simple.

  • Us
    • Feeling way under the weather. W- to the rescue!
    • J- had friends over. It was nice seeing her cook ratatouille and host her friends.
    • I checked my Philippine account for dividends.
    • We looked into Amazon Prime video streaming, and we set up our PS3.
    • I posted my weekly reviews while A- napped in the stroller.
    • I was pretty distracted all day.
    • Another day at home. I decided to spend some time mopping the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathtub drain while A- observed. She even helped a little, although she was scared of the mop.
    • Uh oh, now I have a bad cold too.
    • I took a much appreciated nap while A- joined W- on errands.
  • Gross motor
    • I made the effort to take A- to the drop-in centre even though I was feeling under the weather. She agreed to either ride in the stroller or walk, and that actually worked out. She even insisted on going to the organic grocery store and the supermarket, and she walked all the way home from the organic grocery store!
  • Language
    • “I don't want Babybels. I'm not a baby any more. I want big kid cheese. Woohoo.”
    • “We also call it a ceiling.” (Referring to the seal on a new container.) A- has started contributing “facts” to conversations – and so confidently, too!
  • Music
    • W- got A- singing the Spongebob Squarepants chorus.
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- developed a fever and a cough.
    • A- woke up asking for water many times throughout the night. Fever continues. She'll accept medicine if it's followed by ice cream.
    • A- was feeling cold due to her fever. Her teeth also hurt, so she kept tugging her ear.
    • A- is still sick and grumpy, and now I have a cold too.
  • Social
    • “K- is J-‘s friend.” “Mine too!”
    • When reminded to ask nicely, A- switched to a different voice.
  • Wake up
    • “Mama. I want to cuddle with Mama.”

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff h/wk Diff h/wk
Sleep 31.0 35.5 4.4 59.6 7.4
Discretionary – Family 1.3 5.1 3.9 8.6 6.5
Personal 4.7 8.2 3.5 13.8 5.9
Discretionary – Play 2.9 3.7 0.8 6.2 1.4
Business 0.6 0.0 -0.6 0.0 -0.9
Discretionary – Social 2.4 0.0 -2.4 0.0 -4.0
Discretionary – Productive 3.3 0.6 -2.7 1.0 -4.5
A- 47.2 44.2 -3.0 74.3 -5.0
Unpaid work 6.7 2.7 -4.0 4.5 -6.7
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