Weekly review: Week ending March 8, 2019

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  • Kaizen
    • I explored the Facebook Graph API so that I could collect all the posts in my sister’s group.
    • I updated my Emacs News code to include a footer with unsubscription information.
  • Us
    • W- worked on two washer/dryers, but unfortunately, there were no quick fixes.
    • While A- napped on me, I read a couple of books and updated my journal.
    • We tossed out some ramen broth that had gone a little off. Good call. The batch from the freezer was much nicer.
    • I learned how to play the music for the song we made up to spell A-‘s name.
    • I cooked salmon, new potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Yummy!
    • I was a little stressed about possibly burning buns, which was hard for A- because she was hungry, tired, and needing to be close.
    • I made a kanban board for my sister to help her sort things out.
  • Fine motor
    • A- practised hanging doll clothes on a clothesline.
  • Sensory
    • We did a little sledding after school. A- got too cold, so she wanted to go home. Next time, I’ll be sure to pack her waterproof mittens.
  • Language
    • “Turns out the baby likes salsa,” A- said of herself.
    • “The other day, Luke climbed into my tower.” A- can talk about recent events.
    • “I’m the sun. I’m kind of a big deal.”
  • Music
    • A- liked dancing to samba in music class, so I played some at home too. We had fun dancing together.
  • Art
    • A- wanted to paint with watercolours a couple of times one day.
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- said her eye hurts.
  • Sleep
    • A- had another rough night, frequently waking up and thrashing around. I eventually convinced her to take some ibuprofen, and she settled down after that.
    • Even though it was quite late, A- waited for me before she went to sleep.
  • Emotion
    • A- was a little grumpy because I didn’t let her help carry the garbage bag.
    • A- was having a hard time. After she had one red bean bun, she promptly fell asleep. It turned out that she was just hungry and tired.
  • Household
    • After merienda, A- and I made tonkatsu together.
    • A- helped me pack lunch. She put the fruits and vegetables into little containers.
  • Social
    • A- was really keen on wearing matching pajamas.
    • We went to Tania’s party. A- played with the car I brought and the pencil crayons from Anya’s stash. A- had fun showing them yoga poses and singing them her own songs.

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff % h/wk Diff h/wk
Sleep 33.5 36.8 3.3 61.9 5.5
Discretionary – Family 0.0 2.3 2.3 3.8 3.8
Discretionary – Social 0.0 0.9 0.9 1.5 1.5
Business 0.0 0.6 0.6 1.0 1.0
Discretionary – Productive 2.7 2.7 0.0 4.5 0.0
Unpaid work 6.5 6.1 -0.3 10.3 -0.6
Discretionary – Play 4.6 3.1 -1.5 5.2 -2.5
A- 45.2 42.9 -2.3 72.1 -3.8
Personal 7.6 4.6 -3.0 7.7 -5.0
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