Weekly review: Week ending April 12, 2019

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  • Kaizen
    • I mended my carrier a little more.
    • I cleared Google Photos data on my phone, and that seems to have gotten it unstuck.
    • I enabled Google Drive’s integration with Google Photos, and I set up Cloud Sync on our NAS.
  • Us
    • I went for a blood test to check if I have enough measles antibodies, just in case.
  • Gross motor
    • A- suggested going to the indoor playground, so we did. She liked the toddler area. She was fascinated by the vacuum tubes, and eventually worked up the courage to feed them balls if I guided her hands. She pushed the button all by herself. She also climbed all the way up to the big slide by herself, although she still wanted me to join her on the way down.
    • In the pool, A- experimented with floating in the Puddle Jumper vest and lifting her toes up above the surface of the water.
  • Language
    • A- was building a tower. She held a piece and said, “I need something to support it.”
    • A- noticed that two words sounded very similar.
    • A- was talking to the babysitter about people. I heard snatches of conversation: boy, girl, man. Then A- said, “de jongen, de jongen.” I went upstairs to help the babysitter figure out what she was saying, because of course the babysitter isn’t going to be expecting a sprinkling of Dutch…
    • A- specifically asked for the Flip Flop Barnyard video on how cows are milked by farmers. She said she likes it because the woman has long sleeves.
  • Music
    • A- wanted to listen to music, so I brought up a few videos of Vivaldi’s Spring piece because she liked it during music class. Inspired by one of the videos, I spent a little time learning how to play part of it on the recorder. A- lent me hers.
    • A- made up a new song: “I like to be in the carrier. I like to be in the carrier. I like to be in the carrier, especially when I’m upset.”
    • Other new songs: “I want to bake in the oven, especially muffins, and then I eat them.” “I want to be in the stroller for a walk around the block, especially when I’m tired.”
  • Self-care and independence
    • I asked A- if she thought the time with the babysitter was too short, just right, or too long. She immediately said, “Too short.” So we’ll see the babysitter next week for five hours instead of four!
    • A- wanted to wear a diaper again. We said that was just a special day before. She said, “I’m going to drink lots of water,” and started chugging water like crazy.
    • We noticed a small bump inside A-‘s eyelid. It doesn’t seem to bother her.
    • A- didn’t want to brush her teeth in the morning. She said she wanted to do it only at dinner. I decided not to force her, but I told her we would go to music class once she had clean teeth. She eventually relented and let me brush her teeth.
    • “I want to be independent. Would you like to sleep in Daddy’s room?” A- actually lasted for thirty minutes in a dark room by herself. Progress!
  • Eating
    • Chicken adobo: Yum yum, easy to put together. Paired with ginger broccoli.
    • A- ate so much adobo at dinner. When W- came home and had a late dinner, she taxed his too.
    • A- happily munched salad leaves! She really liked the pea shoots.
  • Emotion
    • I wonder how to improve our brushing teeth routine. I don’t like having to make her upset before we can make progress…
    • There was a lot of shrieking. A- seems to be experimenting with her voice. It might be somewhat influenced by the positive reaction we had to her squeals of joy over the muffin liners (pure joy, it was awesome).
  • Household
    • We planted peas and scallions. The ground was still a little frozen.
    • We planted more peas and the rest of the onions.
    • We made zucchini chocolate chip muffins.
  • Social
    • A-: “Mama has friends and I have friends and Daddy does not.”
      Me: “Daddy has friends.”
      A-: “Mama and I have friends and J- has lots and lots of friends and Daddy has one.”
      Me: “Who?”
      A-: “Dan.” (A- remembered one conversation we had about visiting Dan.)
    • A- enjoyed the rolling ball activity in music class. Afterwards, we hung out with Rebecca and AW in Allan Gardens. It was rainy and we didn’t bring rain pants, so we couldn’t do much outdoors.
    • We bumped into Melissa and H- at the community centre after swimming. We caught up while playing in the playground.
  • World
    • We went to nature class and learned about nocturnal animals. We broke apart a sterilized owl pellet and found a mouse bone.

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