Weekly review: Week ending September 20, 2019

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  • Us
    • Facebook login stopped working on Quantified Awesome and I don’t have the time to deal with it, so I removed it.
    • I finished crocheting my hat!
    • W- found an iPad on the train. He brought it home to try to locate its owner. At first, it wouldn’t connect to the passwordless WiFi network he set up. When we changed the SSID to mimic Starbucks, it connected. Siri hadn’t been set up with contact information, but having it on the network allowed the owner to send it a message to display contact information, so we messaged the owner. Good deed of the day!
  • Gross motor
    • A- walked with me as we did neighbourhood errands.
  • Sensory
    • A- loved playing with water. She also pretended to go camping.
  • Language
    • On getting soap in her eyes: “I’m not so keen on that. I’m not so happy!”
    • A- pretended to talk to the person doing the video of a cardboard candy dispenser. She said, “Guy, you’re having a lot of candy.”
  • Music
    • A- preferred to watch at music class.
    • A- pretended to play the ukulele and have circle time. When I started playing the recorder, she said, “It’s circle time, not band time.” She sang The Good Morning Train, pausing to gesture at things and say, “And we say hello to… What’s your name?”
  • Art
    • A-‘s school activity was to draw a picture of her family. She drew W-, me, J-, and herself with abstract circles.
  • Self-care and independence
    • W- asked J- to wash her face, and she did.
    • A- was a little clingy at school drop off, but she responded to the teacher’s invitation to check out new puzzles.
    • A- cried a lot at drop-off. We eventually had to peel her off me. The teachers said it took a while, but she eventually settled down.
  • Sleep
    • A- wanted to wait for W- to get home before starting bedtime routine. She lasted throughout dinner / evening snack, but fell asleep while we brushed her teeth.
    • A- slept in the presence of a babysitter for the first time!
  • Household
    • A- saw the lights we removed from her room. She said, “Can we reinstall that? I promise not to turn it on and off.”
    • A- figured out how to to fold a blanket neatly by asking me to hold up the other corners.
    • I cooked a lot while A- helped. I baked sausages, barbeque chicken drumsticks, and pizza.
  • Cognition
    • A- participated in an experiment at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Today’s session was about establishing a baseline, and there will be a follow-up session in April. The researcher and I were impressed by how A- patiently followed all the instructions. I think the researcher said most 3-year-olds usually have a hard time sitting through the session, but she did fine. On the receptive vocabulary test, she was able to handle things all the way up to adult level with a few guesses. She was able to subtract words from two-word phrases, and even some sounds. She combined words and blended many sounds. She repeated 4 random digits, but 5 was too tricky. She repeated sentences and made-up words. She matched most starting sounds (m/n and c/g confused her a little).
    • “I know! I have a solution! I can sleep on the crib mattress.”
    • A- picked up a ribbon. W- asked, “Is that longer than you are tall?” A- dangled it over her head and said, “Yeah.” She’s slowly getting the hang of measuring and comparing!
  • World
    • A- examined her tongue in the reflection from the faucet.

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