Weekly review: Week ending July 3, 2020

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  • I linked tags and fixed the search feature in my sketch viewer. I added more flexibility in referring to images, got rid of Coffeescript, and updated from Node 8 to 10.
  • I remapped my tablet's bezel buttons to make it easier to use Krita, and I switched to using Krita's built-in grid instead of importing a grid layer.
  • I tweaked journal-related code in my Emacs config and updated it to work on Emacs 28.
  • We reorganized A-‘s play area, rotating out things that she didn't use as much so that we could make more space for new interests.
  • While tidying up, I came across printed copies of my yearly/weekly/daily sketches from A-‘s first year. I miss doing that. Maybe I will try doing that again.


  • A- asked me to turn the garbage can upside down. She then pretended to be a taiko drummer. She's gotten the hang of alternating hands and including pauses. (KP18.2, 31.2)
  • A- did some more Khan Academy Kids. She liked having me watch nearby. The activities with moving parts seemed to rattle her a little bit, so that might be good to practice. She said the activities were fun, but that she was tired of hearing “Cool beans!” all the time.
  • We started playing LEGO Heroica. A- got the hang of it quickly. She was initially too scared to fight the monsters, but has since worked up the courage to regularly take on monsters with a strength of 1. She likes playing the wizard because she can attack monsters from a safe distance, even around corners. I think both Heroica and Khan Academy Kids might be good ways for her to practise emotional self-regulation in exciting situations, and I've been talking to her about how feeling a little scared and feeling a little excited can be quite similar. (She's probably a little too young for proper anxiety reappraisal, but I might as well lay the groundwork!)

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff % h/wk Diff h/wk
Sleep 30.1 31.8 1.7 53.5 2.9
Discretionary – Family 0.6 1.7 1.1 2.8 1.8
Personal 4.2 4.6 0.4 7.7 0.7
Discretionary – Play 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Discretionary – Social 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
A- 49.4 49.1 -0.2 82.6 -0.3
Unpaid work 4.4 3.9 -0.6 6.5 -1.0
Discretionary – Productive 8.8 8.2 -0.6 13.7 -1.1
Business 2.5 0.7 -1.8 1.1 -3.0
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