Weekly review: Week ending August 7, 2020

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  • I finally got around to making a Rebrickable profile. It's been interesting looking through the sets and MOCs I might be able to build. Since it pretty much does most of what I want, I don't have to worry about building an analysis tool. Great! A- wasn't too keen on finishing LEGO Friendship Flower. I think she likes pretend play sets more, so we'll focus on those. I need to think of more scenarios so that she can expand what she knows. It's hard for her to come up with ideas about how life works. Maybe more reading, too.
  • I reflected on roleplaying games and how to enrich A-‘s pretend play.
  • I used Python to analyze the text in my diary entries for the past year. Making a word cloud was pretty neat, since Python gave me a lot of control over it. I cached the frequency counts and category lookups in CSVs so that I can tinker with the graphs more quickly.
  • We made a few LEGO games from the bricks we have: Kokoriko, City Alarm, and Minitaurus.
  • A- was curious about minotaurs because of the LEGO Minitaurus game. I told her stories, made minotaur headbands for us, and made up rhymes.
  • We made up LEGO Heroica stories while playing games: fighting fires, making friends, scaring away adventurers. A- liked adding twists to games, too, like a cursed treasure box that kept following us around and a “bad air” that made my character turn into a dark druid.

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff % h/wk Diff h/wk
Discretionary – Productive 5.0 9.5 4.6 16.0 7.7
Business 0.0 2.9 2.9 4.8 4.8
A- 49.4 50.5 1.1 84.8 1.9
Unpaid work 4.1 3.5 -0.6 5.9 -0.9
Discretionary – Family 1.5 0.8 -0.7 1.3 -1.2
Personal 5.5 3.7 -1.8 6.3 -3.0
Sleep 34.7 29.1 -5.6 48.9 -9.3
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