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Now that the kiddo's reasonably well-settled into virtual school and EmacsConf is chugging along nicely, I finally have a little time to explore Mastodon, a federated social network that quite a lot of people have been shifting to (and quite a lot of people have been on all along). When @louis@emacs.ch e-mailed me about including the new emacs.ch Mastodon instance in Emacs News, I figured I'd set up a profile for myself and have a look around.

I like to keep an eye on posts mentioning Emacs once in a while, which might be a little more complicated than it is on Twitter given the distributed nature of Mastodon. Anyway, if you post something you'd like me to include in Emacs News, please mention me at @sachac@emacs.ch. Thanks!

I've also set up a bot that posts things from planet.emacslife.com. It's at https://emacs.ch/@emacslife .

I tend to scroll through Mastodon on my phone or using mastodon.el, which is really nice for keyboard navigation.

Update 2022-11-14: I think I've set it up so that @sacha@sachachua.com resolves to my profile at emacs.ch, so you can use either @sacha@sachachua.com or @sachac@emacs.ch. Useful: https://blog.maartenballiauw.be/post/2022/11/05/mastodon-own-donain-without-hosting-server.html and https://willnorris.com/2014/07/webfinger-with-static-files-nginx/ (thanks, @maartenballiauw@mastodon.online !)

See y'all there!

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