2023-12-30-01 Daily moments

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Text from sketch

Inspired by Arne Bab (who mentioned being inspired by my sketches) I've been drawing daily moments since 2023-03-20. Nothing fancy, just a quick reminder of our day.

I draw while the kiddo watches a bedtime video. Sometimes she suggests a moment to draw, or flips through the pages and laughs at the memories.

I also have my text journal (occasionally with photos) and my time tracker. It doesn't take a lot of time to update them, and I like what they let me do.

I like this. It makes the path visible. I'm looking forward to seeing what this is like after years

I used to draw and write monthly reviews. I'd like to get back to those. They help with the annual reviews, too.

  • phone: review sketches, jot keywords on phone
  • computer: draw sketch, braindump, blog

Right now I put 12 days on one A5.

  • Week? nah, not really needed
  • More details? longer to review, though. Redirect drawing to monthly notes

Still working on shaping the day/week more proactively. A+ likes to take the lead, so maybe it's more like strewing.

Moments: https://sketches.sachachua.com/tags/moment

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