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Bubblegum and string

I finished my first hack for Melody’s indie music review blog. She’s
thrilled by the fact that the sidebars automatically pick up her
reviewed music. We’re moving the blog to a new Linux server next week.
I’ll probably redo the hack so that I can make it more elegant. Right
now it’s just bubblegum and string…

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Aha! That’s it! That’s my thing! Research as blogging

I’ve been struggling to figure out exactly how graduate school and my
courses fit into The Great Scheme of Things, and I think I’ve just
figured out exactly how to motivate myself. =)

I’m going to look at my reading course as a series of blogging
assignments. Because I’m in grad school, I have the time and resources
to dig through academic papers and books that most people won’t even
hear about. Whee! I found my value-added niche!

Three things:

– Michael D. Pollock of Solostream complimented me on my writing based

on the Linux Journal article I sent him. “Wow,” he said.

– Mark Chignell (research supervisor) scheduled a meeting with me

tomorrow to see how I’m doing. Felt guilty about not having more
visible progress.

– Took the time to think about where I was going and how I was getting

there. Needed to figure out how to organize my notes. Quadrant II
stuff. =)

SO. If I break my big deliverable down into lots and lots and lots of
small deliverables—a mini-paper each week, with plenty of references
and fun stuff—then it’ll be much more fun _and_ much more useful.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and start writing! This Friday:
Blogging as personal knowledge management…

Why I don’t have to make my website pretty

Feedburner statistics show that out of 225 blog readers in the past 24 hours, only 12 of them actually visit this site in a browser. 9 Mozilla, 3 Internet Explorer. Everyone else uses an aggregator. <laugh> What a skewed profile!

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Random Japanese sentence: A spot of shut−eye は、また猫のいねむりともいわれている。猫は1度に2〜3分しか寝ない癖があるからだ。 “A spot of shut-eye” is also called a cat nap because a cat is in the habit of sleeping only a few minutes at a time.

Blogly angst

Hands, a sketch by Dominique Cimafranca

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we think it should, but then
that could be because it has greater things in store for us than we
could imagine.

Random Japanese sentence: 1匹の猫を別とすれば家は空っぽだった。 The house was empty except for a cat.

Blogging is vanity

Congratulations to Stephen Perelgut for making it to the #1
most-commented blog entry in IBM and #4 hottest blog! Heh. Blogging as
ego-stroking. ;) It was an interesting blog entry, though, and I’m
glad he sparked such a conversation. Hooray for blogs!

I usually hover about #3 on hottest blogs within IBM. Stephen thinks
it’s because my blog title is “geek – girl – dogear dogmatist,” and
the combination of “geek” and “girl” makes most people click. ;)

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Random Japanese sentence: 太った白い猫が塀に座って、眠そうな目で二人を見ていました。 A fat white cat sat on a wall and watched them with sleepy eyes.