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Sore throat

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Also, I’m coming down with a bit of a sore throat, which may or may
not mean being antisocial today. But I was so looking forward to
baking cookies!

Smile before you punch

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(Catching up on a lot of unblogged events! =) )

Last Friday, I attended another session of krav maga, the Israeli
self-defense martial art.

I have had _far_ too little practice throwing punches. I had to keep
getting reminded to keep my thumb tucked in and my first two knuckles
forward. The fighting stance was also difficult

I have the habit of biting my lip when I’m concentrating, which is not
good in a fight. How can I avoid biting my lip? The easiest way, I’ve
found, is to smile. Evilly.

I have a growing collection of bruises, too. Good thing I’m starting
this in winter, when everyone’s covering up in long sweaters as well.

So if I smile before I hit someone, you know why.

I’m thinking of getting into it. The class is a great aerobic workout,
and someday I’m going to figure out how to do a full pushup instead of
the half-pushups I’ve been doing. I don’t feel dreadfully out of
shape, just a little bit so, and I’m sure that’ll improve over the
next month.

How am I going to make the time for this, considering my schedule?
<laugh> It’s a good investment of time: exercise gives me more
time and strength to deal with other things. Mens sana in corpore
sano, too.

Budget? It’s $100 per month, which I should actually still be able to
squeeze into my budget if I take it from other things. I was thinking
of taking a month to figure out my post-apartment budget, but momentum
is important when it comes to physical exercise and other things that
I’d like to make into habits.

I can do a lot of other things for exercise, but this one seems to fit
the best. The instructor is good, too. I enjoy observing the way he
teaches with encouragement. The class is small but friendly. The
lessons are practical. And yeah, I want self-defense training and
aerobic exercise more than I want tango…

I’ll need to practice a lot in order to make things more instinctive,
and I’ve got such a long way to go in order to catch up. I’ll figure
out how to get there by TTC and I’ll give it a month or two to see if
I can make it part of my schedule and what effect it has on everything
else. =)

But it’s so much fun… <laugh>

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Krav maga

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One of the things my mom occasionally reminds me about is the need for
self-defense classes. Yes, even in Toronto. Not only is it important,
but it’d also be a good workout and confidence-booster. Finding a
self-defense class was on my list of goals for 2007.

I attended a free Krav Maga seminar last Sunday on W-‘s
recommendation. It’s a form of self-defense developed for the Israeli
army. Quite a workout, too. I have a small bruise and my shoulders are
sore, but if I keep at it, maybe I’ll get better at dealing with
things like that. It was fun, although I kept apologizing after
hitting my partner.

I’ll settle into my life here and get that sorted out first, but if
there are more free (or inexpensive) seminars, or self-defense
seminars particularly for women, I might try to figure out how to fit
those into my schedule and budget. =)

Worth doing again.


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I haven’t danced tango in a year. Hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it until today, when I decided to show up at the loonie tango milonga of the U of T Argentine Tango Club. I dug my shoes out of a bin and threw them in a bag, then headed to the party in jeans and a T-shirt. No wearing a flowy skirt in this weather!

The people I used to dance with have improved so much. I’m envious! What have I been doing with my life? Hmph. I danced with a few new faces as well, and I managed to follow decently.

Love it. Will definitely drop in for at least one class. I wonder if I can drag anyone along, actually.

Oh goodness I can feel my feet… And my shoulders, too, but that’s krav’s fault (and another story).

Two days of lots of activity and exercise. I definitely deserve some downtime for blogging and doing chores…

Tango at Kensington Market

| health

Kensington Market – the downtown center of hippie/street culture – has
monthly Pedestrian Sundays, and one of the things I try to catch is
the tango practica on the streets. I like tango, and I should get back
to doing that. There's something about being able to listen to
someone's movements and finding myself moving to the right spot. I
haven't danced in a while, so I'm rather rusty. Still, it's tons of

Peer Flach just posted pictures of the last time we danced in Kensington Market. Check them out!

Kensington poi video

| health

My sister Kathy taught me how to do poi for fun. =) It's a nifty hobby, and one I always joke about as an alternative career. I like being able to delight people with it, and it's also nice losing myself in the music's rhythm… Poi is quite a workout, too!

If you want to learn more about poi, check out Home of Poi. Have fun!

Who needs a gym when there’s laundry to be done?

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Whew. Bushed. I’ve taken all my cold-weather clothes out of
vacuum-packed bags and hung them up neatly. I washed all my covers and
clothes. (More than half of my clothes are hand-wash only, but I’ve
figured out a neat trick for doing those quickly.) I’ve even
reorganized my drawers, adding canvas-and-masking-tape separators.

I wonder what the calorie burn rate for laundry is, and whether I can
do it fast enough to make it equivalent to cardio training… ;)