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Batirol, tablea, and tsokolatera – the joys of hot chocolate

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Not entirely traditional, but this IKEA jug makes an adequate tsokolatera.

Someday, I’m going to learn how to make tsokolate eh

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CookOrDie last Saturday: Decadent Dessert party

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I confess: I threw a dessert party just to have an excuse to bake more

You see, I’m a social chocolate eater. Knowing it to be one of my
weaknesses, I try not to have chocolate unless I have company. And as
9×13 pans result in a _lot_ of brownies, I absolutely must have
friends over if I’m going to even think of baking.

So I did. Dan Howard, Quinn Fung and Jedediah Smith came over. We had this absolutely
decadent dessert: freshly-baked double-chocolate brownies topped with
French vanilla ice cream and hot fudge bought especially for the occasion.

As a concession to healthy eating, we followed it with pineapple
chunks and loose-leaf green tea. (I’ve graduated to loose-leaf tea!
With a tea ball! Proper.)

Now _that’s_ a terrific way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Kelly blogged about brownie sundaes. I _so_ want to have a Sundae Sunday now, complete with whipped cream and a light dusting of chocolate shavings or almond slivers or toasted rice or _something_ equally indulgent…

Life is so much better when you know how to make dessert.

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CookOrDie: Danger, Will Robinson!

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Uh oh.

I now know how to bake brownies from scratch, and I can make them as moist and chocolatey as I want.

I have vanilla ice cream in the freezer.

I am so dead.


IF I promised a tray of chocolatey desserts for a potluck dinner at 7:00,
AND I have enough ingredients to bake a second batch of brownies…

Don’t even think about it, Sacha. That way lies danger.

They won’t mind if I try a bit of it first.

Maybe a bit more.


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Yesterday was a hot chocolate day

The hot chocolate at Linux Caffe (Grace
and Harbord Sts.) never fails to perk me up. Yesterday was no
exception even though it was a day particularly in need of hot

David (the proprietor) received a whole bunch of free books and a
number of free T-shirts from Apress. The shirts were adorable! They
read “Every time Linux boots, a penguin gets its wings.” I batted my
eyelashes at David and he very kindly let me have one. =) I’m so
hacking it.

Seneca was there, hacking away as always. Mike Fletcher was at the
same table. Ian Garmaise had briefly introduced us at the other
night’s DemoCamp afterparty, but I hadn’t really had a chance to
talk to him. It was great discovering mutual friends: Chris and Emily,
whom I know through tango and renaissance dancing and whom he knows
through jazz. He knows a bunch of interesting people, and I’m looking
forward to meeting them at a party at his place on Saturday. Whee!

In retrospect, it was good that I ended up over there for hot
chocolate. =) Life works out one way or another.

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Random Japanese sentence: その猫の一方は黒で、もう一方は茶だ。 One of the cats is black, the other is brown. Sono neko no ippou wa kuro de, mou ippou wa cha da.

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