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Business experience report: Passing my first annual resolutions

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Because I incorporated my company instead of being a sole proprietor, I need to file annual returns, update my minute book, and have either a shareholder’s meeting or pass resolutions. Since it didn’t make sense to have a meeting by myself, I combined this template for shareholders’ resolutions and sample minutes of a shareholders’ meeting to come up with the resolutions below. (Not legal advice; please go talk to a lawyer if you need one.)


The undersigned, being all the shareholders of _________, hereby sign the following annual resolutions.


1. These resolutions are in place of an annual meeting of shareholders of the company.

2. The financial statements of the company for the fiscal year ended __Date__, are received.

3. __Name__ continues as the director of the company.

4. No auditor be appointed for the current fiscal year of the company.

5. All by-laws, resolutions, contracts, acts and proceedings of the board of directors, shareholders and officers of the Corporation enacted, passed, made, done or taken since __date__ as the same are set forth or referred to in the minutes of the Corporation or in the financial statements submitted to the shareholders of the Corporation on this date are hereby approved, ratified, sanctioned and confirmed. The acts of the Board of Directors since the last annual meeting of shareholders are approved and ratified.

DATED: ___Date___



This week, I’ll file the federal annual return. Another milestone! Maybe next year I’ll learn how to pass resolutions for dividends, or make myself a proper employee of the company so that I can set up a private health services plan.

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Sketchnotes: ENT101: Lived It Lecture – Bruce Poon Tip (G Adventures) on Social Enterprise

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Click on the image for a larger version of sketchnotes. This talk is part of the free MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 series (webcast and in-person session every Wednesday!)

Feel free to share this! You can credit it as (c) 2012 Sacha Chua under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada licence.

20121003 Entrepreneurship 101 - Lived It Lecture - Bruce Poon Tip - G-Adventures

Missed the first session? Check out my sketchnotes for Finding and Validating Your Idea (Keri Damen).

Liked these notes? They’re fun to do and I’m happy to share them. I learn, other people learn, everyone’s happy! If you want, you can set up some time for tea/hot chocolate/Skype/Google Hangout (or e-mail me your thoughts), tell me what you’re interested in, and help me in my quest to learn how to get really good at connecting the dots. =)

Looking forward to sharing more notes next week!

Text for searching

1990 Backpacking myself…
Envision the world before
People had to go to travel agents
I realized…
Canadians only have ~2 weeks holiday.
Looking for adventure companies in German phone books..
How do you turn tourism into something exportable?
all these people trapped in mainstream holidays…
opportunity !
Now –> I’m surprised by the number of people who say
I want to go to Antarctica this Thursday…
$100 spent
Only $5 actually stays in a developing country’s economy.
–> UNEP 2008
Ex: public beahces in Jamaica
I just got my fax machine..
… and then I realized they needed to have a fax machine too!
Business Model
Building a buisness model around this.

Europeans have way more holidays..
The Australians work between holidays..
Export the business! Now.
need a brand
(at work)
– perceived progress
– freedom
– being part of something
– larger than yourself
– perceived control –> make it easy for people to leave
– connectedness
Netflix – 14 pages of core values!
More advice from Q&A: boutique, niche
Building iconic brands
Movements ex: Dove – cheap –> premium
a whole new style of business
Oct 3, 2012
Example: Peru
youth going into tourism industry
Women’s weaving co-op
– help people
– differentiated our trips
Solving a business problem with sustainale salutions
Strategy 1: Big company: Corruption
Strategy 2: Some good, some bad
Strategy 3: Focusing on training consistency
My leadership challenge:
1500 people, most of whom I’ll never meet, want them to be happy and deliver
Taking what we are as a business and turning it into a movement.
Transcending your product
Engaging your customers –> why, stories
Challenging customers
What will you do today for tomorrow?
Engage customers for a higher purpose–> beyond travel
Doesn’t have to cost you anything
Partnership, projects
Q: How do you do everything?
A: Great people
Q: Pivot?
A: The world is changing so much ~every 5 years
Q: Biggest mistakes?
A: Trying too hard to find diamonds in the rough while bootstrapping
sometimes not best for business

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