January 2006

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Jan 31Gibbity social
Jan 30The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belisa in the Garden 1 life
Jan 30Ong Bak -Uncategorized
Jan 28Wild on winter -Uncategorized
Jan 26Return of the Oatmeal -Uncategorized
Jan 25A waste of mangoes -Uncategorized
Jan 25Who Moved My Oatmeal? Uncategorized
Jan 25Scopus – scholarly search on steroids research
Jan 25Metadata class -Uncategorized
Jan 25Taming the TODO presentation
Jan 22Sorting my clothes organization
Jan 22Chinese cooking and diabolo cooking, life
Jan 20CookOrDie: Champorado cheating and arroz-caldo antics cooking, cookordie
Jan 20Call for participation: 2006 International Symposium on Wikis conference, research
Jan 18TODO lists in Emacs! emacs, goodkarma, planner
Jan 9The emperor’s three questions Uncategorized
Jan 9Creating thumbnails with Imagemagick adphoto
Jan 9Teaching assistant for Praxis II! =) 2 teaching
Jan 8360′ virtual tours 2 adphoto, photography
Jan 8Cook or Die cooking, cookordie
Jan 7Things every geek should know 1 geek
Jan 7Education brainstorming education, teaching
Jan 7Javascript or Flash? adphoto
Jan 5Web2.0 goodness adphoto, geek, web2.0
Jan 4It’s official – I’ll be working on social search! research, social
Jan 3Indexing pictures adphoto