Dealing with a bad calendar week

I’m having a bad calendar week. I don’t check my calendar often enough, and I miss things. The other day, I missed a Skype chat. Yesterday, I sprinted to the subway station in order to get downtown for a 4:30 PM performance of the opera Orfeo ed Euridice. I made it to my 5th-floor seat just before the lights dimmed. I’ve missed other things in the past – not many, but enough to point to a clear life-bug that I need to hack.

What can I do to get back into the rhythm of having a solid, trusted system for calendar reminders and tasks?

Put it in my way. I always check my Android in the morning. I can clean up my task list, add calendar entries to my lock screen (I’m trying out Executive Assistant on my phone), and get into the habit of checking those before I indulge in reading feeds. I added a calendar widget to my home screen too – I think that will help.

Set up interruptions. I can set my calendar alarm to something I usually notice, such as my ringtone. When I combine this with using timed mutes instead of manually muting my phone, that should make it easier to let important things interrupt me.

Here we go!

One response to “Dealing with a bad calendar week”

  1. I am personally thinking that the warning “there is an adjacent meeting” in MS Outlook is a very nice feature and I should really leverage it. Of course I need to set that expectation early on, most of my missed meetings and lack of attention is the fact that I am jumping from meeting to meeting. Instead what I should’ve done was ensure there was at least a 15-30 minute gap between meetings before I accept them.

    I don’t really have much feeds to read (yours is just one of the few I have LOL) so I don’t have the same temptation, though I do have others (e-mails, ad-hoc chats, brain reorg and offload time)

    However, this is one of those “hypocritical suggestions” because I don’t do it myself even if I think it is a good idea.

    Honestly though, Droid’s notification system although not as annoying as iPhone is a double edged sword to the point I can’t rely on it for my own schedules. [patiently waiting for an IPhone for Wind Mobile]

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