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curriculum review template created.

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Can IT Still Attract the Best and the Brightest?

From ACM Technews:
“Far from draining the field of the most talented IT workers, there is
a distinct possibility that the IT downturn may be weeding out
less-qualified applicants.”

Computer Science Unplugged — education

In the thread “CS for 5th graders” on the ACM SIGCSE members mailing list, Beth Simon writes:

The unequivocal winner is “Computer Science Unplugged”
A book available in print or electronically at:

The summary also points to math games and puzzles.

Paper: Engaging Students with Theory through ACM Collegiate Programming Contests — education

Nikolay V. Shilov and Kwangkeun Yi

“Training sessions are good opportunities to present students with

challenging programming problems that cannot be solved without
theoretical background in spite of simple formulation. The trainers
should provide students with background theory as soon as
students realize the programming complexity of these problems.”

Related link:

- Kwangkeun Yi’s site has a lot of papers on formal methods. Puzzles for Learning Model Checking, Model Checking for Programming Puzzles, Puzzles for Testing Model Checkers seems interesting.

Paper: Laptops in the Classroom — education

Andrea Beth Campbell and Roy P. Pargas

This paper is about mandatory laptop use in the classroom, but since
our labs are one-computer-one-student, the insights are useful. Here
were the uses they observed:

- posting instructional material online
– animating and demonstrating concepts
– collaborative learning exercises
– instant feedback
– automatic program execution and visualization
– evaluation and testing
– communication

The instant feedback thing looks particularly useful, and I will certainly try to write an online system for that – or adapt, which greatly impressed me when I last checked it.

Paper: A Mentor Program in CS1 — education

Amanda Miller, Judy Kay

I can’t find a free online URL for this, but it’s in the ACM Digital Library.

Maybe it might be a good idea to have compulsory group mentoring for freshmen computer science students…