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Computer science education research processes — education is the course page for a class
that deals with computer science education research. This is the sort
of stuff I want to get into. If you come across anything related, please
tell me – [email protected] . Thanks! =)

DISCS local number 5660 5661

The Department of Information Systems and Computer Science
( can be reached at +632 426 6001 loc 5660 or

Some computer science education links — education

Some computer science education links can be found at .

Open source and CS education — education offers a pretty well-balanced look at open source in education.

Crossroads issues

10.3 Ethics and Computer Science

10.4 Computer Science Education – Write an article about open source and computer science education?

I’ll be teaching this summer!

Marco Changho informs me of my schedule as a new faculty member.

Ok, Sacha.  We'll have you aboard in the summer.  You will teach CS 21a and the
schedule is as I previously noted in my email Daily 9:00-10:30.


Which means I have to start preparing… fast!