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CookOrDie: Day 7: Reheated rice, sausage slices

Leftover rice plus Hungarian sausages. Okay, but not as fun as bread
or potatoes. Tomorrow, will check out meat shop.

Yang chow rice from Red Panda reheated very nicely – still moist.
Extra rice left over from The Barn (eeew, two days!) was too dry.
Should try to reheat it in separate container with more water.

Hungarian cocktail sausage slices not best for mixing with rice.
Perhaps whole sausages or somewhat larger slices so that it can be


Day 10: More ground beef salad

Was pressed for time this morning, so just quickly cooked ground beef. Onions still incomprehensible. Heated them on low, but that was too low (even butter was not heating up nicely). Browned them again on medium. Will probably try really slow cooking over low, but not when class time looms.

Chopped around 6 tomatoes and put them in Ziplock bag. Brought other head of lettuce to school. Had hurried ground beef and warm pita for lunch. Apparently, pita bread warms nicely in microwave. One pita left in freezer.

Washed and crisped some leaves of lettuce for dinner. (Two CookOrDie meals in a day! Wow.) Swapped some lettuce + tomatoes + ground beef with Eric for half a bowl of instant noodles. (He insisted as he felt very guilty about eating my food. Had not eaten instant noodles in ages. Had not missed much.) Eric agrees beef could use more flavor, but thinks it’s a pretty good try nonetheless. Will experiment with salt and pepper tomorrow. Perhaps should go grocery-shopping now; maybe with Dominique, as he has more experience with cooking. <grin>

Tomorrow: perhaps try ground beef omelet, or mix ground beef with corn, or finally figure out secret of caramelized onions?

w00t! Hacked the ground beef!

Thanks to Dominique’s advice, have figured out how to get nicely spiced ground beef. Had absolutely wonderful bite-sized tacos for lunch. Let Eric and Andrei taste it; they were much impressed.

Finished three tomatoes, a fourth of a head of lettuce, and 1/8th kilo of ground beef. (Actually, 1/10th looks like it’ll suffice.) Hadn’t touched onions at all.

Having hacked the taco / taco salad, must now find other things to do with ingredients in ref. Perhaps can begin with egg?

Day 11: 2003.12.04 (late entry)

Grabbed flour tortillas and made little burritos. Think have gotten hang of it, but can never be quite sure until burritos are reheated tomorrow. Had to plan ahead because will be out at conference until dinner. Abiding by CookOrDie constraints means packing either lunch or dinner, and lunch seems more hackable.

Have surplus tortillas and lettuce. Ended up making vegetable burritos. Put many into freezer. Almost done with head of lettuce.

Must find better way to split food. Not looking forward to eating tortillas every day for next few CookOrDie sessions. Besides, makes for boring story.

Burrito attempt flop.

Writing off attempt to make burritos, as lettuce makes burrito soggy.
Must figure out how to do it properly. In meantime, will probably
start exploring egg-based dishes.

Resolve to never prepare more than a day’s worth of food at time, as
had to throw away stocked-up burrito stuff upon discovering was not
partial to the taste and texture. Toasting did not improve it.

Breakfast steak, potatoes

Have potatoes down pat – halved marble potatoes in covered container
with pat of butter, cook for three minutes, stir, then cook for two
more minutes. Nice and soft.

Breakfast steak cooked for 1:30 minutes on plate, covered with
microwave wrap. A bit too tough. Seasoning with salt and pepper good,
but feel more taste is needed. May consider marinade – soy sauce?

Have figured out way to revitalize artificial bacon bits – put into
container and microwave for ~ 20 seconds to make them nice and crunchy