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planner-el publishing

planner-el actually gets published in a very different manner. I should come up with another way to do it, maybe a template to give me an idea…

resolve and emacs-wiki

See how ickily emacs-wiki renders this? Then again, it’s probably just a matter of making a good stylesheet. I eventually want to have a blog-like thing…


I’ve been reading up on blogging, since I want to get a firm
grip on the kind of software I’d like. Yes, I’m not supposed to be
thinking about it right now, but I am. So, what am I looking for?

I seem to be looking for a strange mix between wiki and blog – a WikiBlog. I want
it to be easy for people to jump to today’s entry, and I want it to be
easy for them to look at all the pages I’d edited for the day. I want
to make it easy for people to subscribe to pages they’re interested in
and to have the day’s work delivered to them in their mailbox at, say,
midnight the next day.

Bah. Forget them. ;) I want something that can organize information
for myself. For the most part, planner mode and emacs-wiki
suffice. But I also want to be able to make this information usable to
other people, and that means formatting it nicely.