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Reading these posts, you can probably tell that I really, really like the Emacs text editor.

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On this page:
  • flashcard.el
  • Fixed EmacsCvsAndDebian
  • emacs-wiki-contents tag
  • emacs-wiki fudging
  • planner journal linked list
  • planner.php


Flashcard.el is pretty good. =) And useful.

Fixed EmacsCvsAndDebian

Added some more notes on faking emacs21. Local wiki node EmacsCvsAndDebian, canonical location

emacs-wiki-contents tag

emacs-wiki-contents tag cannot be put in the header, because it gets evaluated after the headers have been expanded.

emacs-wiki fudging

Maybe I can “publish” to an intermediate file format (replace BBDB and
Gnus links, for example), and then use PHP’s file-reading to handle
it. What do I want? I want to be able to have a table of contents
floating on the right, to give people an overview. I want to be able
to offer easy Previous Day / Next Day navigation.

planner journal linked list

Bah. Perl script to update links. Foo.


Nearly done! =D