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#torontob2b: Sean O’Donovan on managing content for lead generation + Q&A with Ben Harrison and Scott Armstrong

Update 2012-11-15: Here’s the video recap!

20120628 torontob2b - sean odonovan - managing content for lead gen

20120628 torontob2b - ben harrison and scott armstrong

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In Sean O’Donovan’s talk on managing content for lead generation, he shared tips on mapping your content to the customer’s buying journey, repurposing what you have, and making it easier for people to find the information through metacontent and packaging. If you’re having someone else develop your content, it’s a good idea to ask them to develop the promotional materials for it too.

Ben Harrison and Scott Armstrong shared some of their experiences and opened the floor up for Q&A. It was interesting to hear about the marketing side of things.

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Sketchnotes: Christine Steiger, Christine’s Fitness and Personal Training @ Small Business Network, Toronto Public Library

20120710 small business network christine steiger

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Christine Steiger shared how she had risen through the ranks in a large fitness company, teaching herself a lot about sales. She then started her own company so that she could provide more personalized service in a woman-friendly environment. She emphasized the need for marketing and creative promotions, including building relationships with other business owners. I liked her focus and her drive, and I’m looking forward to applying what I learned in my own business.

Thanks to Christine for sharing, and thanks to Margaret Wigglesworth and the Toronto Reference Library for hosting!

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Sketchnotes: Custom Post Types & Custom Fields (Wes Bos, #wpto)


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Wes Bos talked about custom post types and custom fields, sharing plenty of tips on how to use Advanced Custom Fields to make the user interface much simpler. You can find his slides at .

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Sketchnotes: Girl Geeks Toronto – Adventures in Arduino


Wearable computing artist Erin Lewis, SenseBridge entrepreneur Eric Boyd, and Site 3 co-founder Alex Leitch shared their Arduino-based projects with a crowd of around thirty women at the Girl Geeks Toronto event on August 13, 2012.

Erin started by introducing the different kinds of Arduino boards that are out there. She brought a few different boards, extensions, and wearable computing materials, passing them around for us to take a look. Erin also described the art projects she built using the Arduino, data sets from nature (windspeed, the northern lights), and various crafts (knitting fiber optics! felting conductive wool!). The video she’d made of her Kegel Organ was one of the oddest applications I’ve seen for electronics. Mind-boggling, but it’s good that people think of doing things like that!

Eric talked about open hardware and the Really Bare Bones Board, an Arduino clone. He shared some of the projects he’d built with the RBBB and later with his own circuit designs. He built the North Paw, an anklet that lets you constantly sense where north is, to explore the possibilities of extending human senses. Because he was curious about how people would react to normally invisible information, he built the Heart Spark, a pendant that flashes in time with your heartbeat.

Alex started her talk with the story of why and how she co-founded Site 3, a coworking space with plenty of tools and a passionate art- and engineering-focused community. She shared the lessons she learned while building an Arduino-based device for making coloured flames safely – well, relatively safely compared to the existing way to do it. There were lots of great pictures, amusing anecdotes, and practical tips for surviving dangerously fun projects.

The three talks focused on interesting applications of the Arduino. If you’d like to get started with the Arduino, check out Getting Started with Arduino. You can get the Arduino from Sparkfun, or head over to Creatron (College and Spadina) to check out their boards and accessories. People have made many interesting and useful things with the Arduino board, and there are many more projects on the Web. Have fun!