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Doing Something Great

Keith over at To-Done wrote an interesting post about doing something great.

I want to do Something Great. I'm crazy about helping people be all they can be. I want to help people regain control over their to-do lists, finances, and the rest of their lives. I want to help people share their passion and knowledge through better teaching and presentation skills.

Many of my friends also have great passions. Ranulf Goss wants to launch the Philippine PC game development industry. He founded Slycesoft and regularly gives inspirational talks at universities to encourage students to get into game development. Maoi Arroyo wants to jumpstart the Philippine biotech industry. She founded Hybridigm Consulting and also teaches people about entrepreneurship. Gabriel Narciso wants to build the nation. He does free-lance productivity coaching and organizational development for non-profits.

Here are some of the I've learned from them and from many other people I admire:

  • Set audacious goals. In the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras talk about Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. Visionary companies are passionate about goals that may seem too daring or even impossible, but they achieve them because they're
  • Write down your goals and share them with as many people as you can. Constantly write down and review your goals. Talk about your goals with other people. As you share your goals, you'll not only learn more about yourself but also gain the insights of others.
  • Surround yourself with people doing great things. Their passion will inspire you to work on your own goals, and you'll be surprised at how helpful your network can be. Steve Pavlina said that one of the best things you can do is look for a mentor. You'll learn a lot from mentors not only in your field but also elsewhere!
  • Don't give up. You'll hear a lot of nos and you'll run into a lot of dead ends. Don't give up! Take criticism into consideration, but keep on going. You can do it!

そのコンピュータは最新式だ。 The computer is up to date.

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Creating Passionate Users: Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers

Kathy Sierra does it again! In Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers on her blog about Creating Passionate Users, Kathy lists 11 things every teacher should know and 10 tips every teacher should follow.

There's a reason why she's one of my idols. Fangirl, fangirl, fangirl...

Even if you're not officially teaching or training someone, you're going to find it useful. READ IT! NOW!

そのコンピューターはかなり時代遅れだったので役に立たなかった。 The computer was so outdated that it was good for nothing.

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Learning designers

In College Matters... Sometimes, Kathy Sierra writes:

Maybe there should be third-party "learning designers" who you pay to plan and choose the best options and put together a perfectly tailored custom program from a variety of learning vendors (instead of throwing all your learning eggs into one school basket) that still includes some general education, but in the way that makes the most sense for that particular student, and uses both online, distance, and *some* face-to-face learning.

Hmm. Now there's a fun idea. I like tailoring things to fit people's individual needs, and I'm crazy about teaching...

祖母が生きているうちに、電話もコンピューターも一般的なものとなった。 In my grandmother's lifetime, both telephones and computers have become commonplace.

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“What should I do with my life?”

What Should I Do With My Life? The real meaning of success — and how to find it
Those who are lit by that passion are the object of envy among their peers and the subject of intense curiosity. They are the source of good ideas. They make the extra effort. They demonstrate the commitment. They are the ones who, day by day, will rescue this drifting ship. And they will be rewarded. With money, sure, and responsibility, undoubtedly. But with something even better too: the kind of satisfaction that comes with knowing your place in the world. We are sitting on a huge potential boom in productivity — if we could just get the square pegs out of the round holes.
Totally awesome. Read it. Then read it again. Then take a moment to listen for that quiet whisper, that faint urge. =)

The Power of the Human Spirit

Irine Yu pointed me to the speech delivered by Intel Excellence in Teaching awardee Dr. Josette Biyo:

When your job becomes your mission, your primary concern is giving your best in everything you do. Knowing that you have contributed significantly towards the creation of a product which can make a difference in your company and the larger community is reward in itself.

We can make a difference no matter who or what or where we are. If we know _why_, then the _how_ follows. =)

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A passion for social systems – clues to my next short-term step?

Each day brings an opportunity for me to reaffirm my decision that connecting with people is important to me and that I want to learn how to be really good at building and maintaining relationships. I've been spending a fair bit of time thinking about the tools for doing so, from my extensive customizations of the Emacs Big Brother Database to why I like OpenBC.

Every time I use Emacs+Gnus+Planner+BBDB, LinkedIn, OpenBC or even my little black Moleskine notebook and fountain pen, I always find little things to improve. I'm in that zone again, and I'm having *so* much fun. Emacs and my Moleskine are nearly infinitely hackable within the constraints of computer and paper, respectively. As for LinkedIn and OpenBC—that *itch* is making me want to write code for someone else.

The last time I felt like this was when I was in the thick of Planner development, working with a fantastic community of enthusiastic users around the world. It was *amazing* being able to make all these little differences in people's lives. I stayed with the project until I found myself too content, and then I turned it over to someone else because it was something that deserved passion.

Maybe I've found my coding passion again, something wider in scope than the little ways I customize my blog or my e-mail client or my contact database.

The more I think about it, the more attractive it is. How strange that low-key services like LinkedIn and OpenBC appeal to me more than the big names in the industry! I have the feeling that I'll be able to make more of a difference there (at least for now) than in companies like IBM, Google, or Yahoo - although those three are certainly exciting in terms of the other cool geeks I'd get to work with...

... but oooh, imagine the opportunity to work directly with really cool users? I could so totally rock. I'd *love* to be able to bring my technical *and* social passions to the table. That feels like a good short-term next step.

Figuring out my options...

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