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Sketchnotes: Angel Hack Toronto pitches!

Sketchnotes from today’s pitch afternoon – 62 2-minute pitches from the different teams in Angel Hack Toronto. Lots of great stuff! Feel free to share these visual summaries under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

20121202 AngelHack 1 20121202 AngelHack 2 20121202 AngelHack 3 20121202 AngelHack 4

See the AngelHack Toronto presentation list for links to short descriptions.

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Sketchnotes: The 5 Key Elements of a Better B2B Content Marketing Strategy–Nolin LeChasseur

Nolin LeChasseur of Brainrider shared these 5 key elements of a B2B content marketing strategy:

  1. Prioritize measurable objectives
  2. Articulate the business you’re in using customer terms
  3. Profile target customer segments
  4. Identify content that’s working now
  5. Develop content aligned with what your customer wants to know

Click on the image to see a larger version.
20121129 Brainrider - The 5 Key Elements of a Better B2B Content Marketing Strategy - Nolin LeChasseur

For more details, check out the slides and the video of a previous talk!

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Awesome Foundation Toronto pitch night: Kensington Mesh Network, Women and Tech, Lovecraft TO, 360 Screenings

Got an awesome idea? Every month, the Awesome Foundation Toronto trustees get together and award $1,000 in a brown paper bag to the coolest idea and team!

20121129 Awesome Foundation Toronto - Kensington Mesh Network, Women and Tech, Lovecraft TO, 360 Screenings

Congratulations to Lovecraft TO – good luck with your project.

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Sketchnotes from #ENT101: Business Model Canvas–Mark Zimmerman

This talk is part of the free MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 series (webcast and in-person session every Wednesday). Feel free to share this! You can credit it as (c) 2012 Sacha Chua under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada licence. Click on the image for a larger version of sketchnotes.

20121128 ENT101 Business Model Canvas - Mark Zimmerman

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Made my largest sketchnote ever! Painting the MaRS Lean Startup Day banner

This video doesn’t cover everything – there’s a gap in the middle when we started painting. I have to figure out how to reliably do time lapses with my phone or computer. =) This was fun, though!

Nathan Monk and Jennifer Marron reached out to me with this cool idea – in addition to sketchnoting Lean Startup Day at MarsDD on Dec 3, why not sketchnote the banner as well? I told them I’d never worked on anything that big, but they were up for the experiment and I was too. They rounded up canvas and paint, booked the boardroom, and away we went.

I started by drafting possible layouts using pencil and paper. They suggested some ideas to feature on the banner, and I added quick sketchnotes: an unfinished robot for the minimum viable product, arrows for “pivot or persevere”, and so on. I copied key elements of the first draft onto a second draft, and that was good to go.

Based on the proportions of the paper, we cut the canvas to roughly 68” by 120”. Coming from years of sketchnoting on a laptop screen (and doing the occasional blackboard/easel pad), it was certainly quite a new experience! It was so tall that I had to stand on a chair to reach parts of it. Glad to see that the proportion lessons I’d taken in art class paid off, though – I found it easy to work with the large space.

We started by taping the canvas to the wall and chalking outlines. I used my measuring tape to find the center and scribe a circle around it (hooray for high school geometry!). Then I lightly chalked the outlines of the MaRS logo and the sketchnoted quotes while Nathan and Jennifer chalked in the partner logos.

After chalking the layout, we stepped back to see what it looked like. It looked great! Then the duct tape gave way (canvas is heavy!), and we unanimously decided to move it to the boardroom table for the actual painting. If it collapsed that way while painting, we’d suddenly have an abstract art piece on our hands! We spread plastic wrap all over the boardroom table and the floor, set out the paints, and got going.

While Jennifer focused on the partner logos, I painted the MaRS logo, the Lean Startup Day arrows around it, and the sketchnote-style concepts surrounding the logo. We completed the banner in around 4 hours – about 1.5 hours to design and chalk it, and 2.5 hours to fill everything in with paint and touch up with white to cover up mistakes. The materials cost less than $200 – maybe $150? – and that was with way more paint than we needed, since none of us had any idea what to work at that size. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but once it’s up on Dec 3, I’ll be sure to.

That was fun!

Lessons learned:

  • It’s okay to not get things exactly right, so don’t worry about not having a projector or other tools.
  • Chalk lightly and with a light colour so that it’s easy to brush off mistakes!
  • Have lots of small brushes on hand for detail work.
  • A little paint goes a long way.
  • So does a sewing tape measure.
  • White (or something close to your background colour) makes a great cover-up.

2012-11-23 12.08.56

2012-11-23 12.09.38

2012-11-23 12.09.28