Weekly review: Week ending September 16, 2016

Our family home visitor has been helping us with activities leading towards A-'s 9-month developmental milestones. This week, we focused on looking for hidden objects. We showed A- a toy, then covered it with a piece of cloth. After a few tries of showing and hiding the cloth, she got the hang of pulling the cloth off to reveal the object. I think she's even starting to pull covers towards objects so that we can play this game of hiding and showing. :) We also watched a video on infant massage - plenty of things for us to try. Next: imitating facial expressions. I'm learning that a great way to make the most of my time is to stay with A- when she naps, since that helps her sleep longer. Depending on whether she's nursing or not, I might nap as well, do things on my phone, draw index cards, or work on my computer. I've blitzed through quite a few e-books on my phone, and I've figured out passable ways to review my sketches, capture quick thoughts, and even do a little system administration. I still haven't sorted out my writing or video editing workflows, but that will come in time. Slowly getting back to normal life. A- patiently entertained herself as I helped W- make a ton of dumplings. By golly! An actual, sit-down, get-your-fingers-dirty, triple batch of pork and chives dumpling making session. On Friday, W- splurged on a nice 2" New York strip to celebrate progress on J-'s closet renovation. A- enjoyed some of it too, using the beginnings of a pincer grasp to take the pieces I dangled in front of her. Social stuff: I made it to the potluck picnic hosted by our midwives, yay! It was fun catching up with a couple of other folks from the prenatal classes we attended. The lemon curd squares I brought were a little overcooked (life with a baby), but still okay - W- helped me fix it. More practice needed. I also made it to the follow-ups for the peer nutrition workshop. Due to the unexpected closure of the venue, I hung out in the park with a couple of other new moms. On the way home, I discovered that chugging almost a litre of milk (didn't want to waste it and no one else seemed to have any cups for sharing) was not a good idea. W- to the rescue again! Slowly improving my process for drawing index cards. A head lamp helps me avoid eye fatigue when I'm drawing in the dark next to a sleeping A-. Taking the pictures on my phone before passing them through ClearScanner seems to reduce the number of crashes. Still not as pretty as the index cards I draw on my computer, but the important thing is they get drawn. It's a good thing I'm sorting out this workflow now, actually. A-'s becoming more mobile, so it's time to start babyproofing her room. Can't leave the power adapter and the laptop by the bed any more. =) Also, I checked out the Toronto Public Library's book sale for child development books for me and board books for A-. No such luck, but oh well. Now going through the early childhood education books available at the library. Whee! Blog posts Sketches 2016-09-17g-week-ending-2016-09-16-weekly-journal output Focus areas and time review
  • Business (1.5h - 0%)
    • Earn (1.5h)
  • Relationships (4.1h - 2%)
    • ☑ Check out follow-up session
  • Discretionary - Productive (11.5h - 6%)
    • Drawing (8.9h)
    • Emacs (0.3h)
    • Coding (0.7h)
  • Discretionary - Play (1.8h - 1%)
  • Personal routines (20.9h - 12%)
  • Unpaid work (72.6h - 43%)
    • Childcare (57.1h - 33% of total)
  • Sleep (55.6h - 33% - average of 7.9 per day)

2016-09-19 Emacs News

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Weekly review: Week ending September 9, 2016

A-'s steadily catching up in terms of weight, hooray! We aren't doing anything special, just letting her feed herself. We've added kamut puffs and Toodle-Os to her snacking options, and we've been introducing her to more of our regular meals. She's catching up with the 10th percentile curve, yay. We took her for another checkup at the cardiologist, who says she should be okay for travel. Yay! We started with the Make the Connection program offered by Toronto Public Health. It looks promising: TTC tokens, a little bit of a program like the Ontario Early Years Centre drop-ins, and some discussion on parenting and building secure attachments. I really appreciate how Canada has programs like these. A- is getting much better at sitting independently, inching her way forward when crawling, and exploring toys. I even managed to squeeze in some time to help W- make lots of pork and chive dumplings. We moved all the upstairs furniture around so that someone could come in and stretch the carpet. That took care of the ripples and of the edge leading up to J-'s new closet. One of the seams has opened up, though, so the person who did the carpet may have to come in and do that bit again. It took a bit of bleary-eyed typing and clicking, but I got my business books reconciled up to the current month. That should make it easier to file corporate taxes. Whee! I finally got around to taking advantage of the free Linode memory upgrade. Still have to think of better ways to use my server, though. It might be better to downgrade plans, considering I haven't implemented that many additional uses since the last time I thought about this question (2014, I think, when Linode went SSD and double RAM?). On the other hand, it would be interesting to expand my capabilities, and maybe also get a proper Emacs setup on it and other useful things. Hmm, let's start with owncloud, maybe… 2016-09-13c-week-ending-2016-09-09-journal-weekly output Blog posts Sketches Focus areas and time review
  • Business (3.0h - 1%)
    • ☐ Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Earn (1.0h - 33% of Business)
    • Build (1.9h - 63% of Business)
    • Connect (0.1h - 3% of Business)
  • Relationships (7.4h - 4%)
  • Discretionary - Productive (6.9h - 4%)
    • Drawing (4.7h)
    • Emacs (0.3h)
    • Coding (1.2h)
      • ☑ Fix website
      • ☑ Fix weight display labels
    • Sewing (0.0h)
    • Writing (0.0h)
  • Discretionary - Play (2.4h - 1%)
  • Personal routines (20.1h - 11%)
  • Unpaid work (75.9h - 45%)
    • Childcare (70.3h - 41% of total)
  • Sleep (52.4h - 31% - average of 7.5 per day)

2016-09-12 Emacs News

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Weekly review: Week ending September 2, 2016

It's been a week of seeing people. A- was somewhat fussy during dinner with W-'s family. She might have been tired, overstimulated by the noisy Chinese restaurant, and a little intimidated by relatives wanting to pick her up. She preferred to stay with W- or me. Totally normal. Anyway, since this might be the usual stranger anxiety starting to develop (yay! W- is not a stranger!), I've been making an effort to take her to more activities at the Ontario Early Years Centre and the neighbourhood family resource centre. We finished the Peer Nutrition program, and we'll check out the drop-ins that follow up on that program. A- has been working on expanding her vocabulary. Recent addition: "Ba". She's also getting pretty good at sitting on her own, although I still stay close enough to catch her during those random topples. The pediatrician is no longer that concerned about A-'s weight gain, since she's been growing faster. Enough to inch back over the 5th percentile curve, yay! In addition to nursing, she also self-feeds a wide variety of solids. She's particularly fond of egg (breakfast), yogurt (evening snack), and raspberries (any time, especially with yogurt). I finally got around to printing a photo of A- so that the family home visitor can include it in the laminated foot print memento. A- has a passport now, whee! Got travel insurance that will probably cover things related to her heart, too. Next trip-related steps: sort out pet vaccines and boarding. In preparation for possibly leaving my laptop behind on our trip, I've been experimenting with drawing my daily journal and thoughts on index cards instead of on my laptop. Drawing is relatively unfussy except for dealing with wet spots, and I feel more comfortable drawing on paper around A- than having my laptop out. Deskewing and tweaking the image is a bit fussy, although I can do some of that on my phone. I might need to use different-coloured pens instead of adding colour in post-processing. Still need to tweak my workflow. It would be neat to figure out something that I can pull off with mobile devices and SSH, but it's also okay if I decide to stick with my digital index card workflow instead. Good to experiment, though. Also moved my library video tracking script online, so I can check the availability of new releases from my phone while we're out on a walk. I'd like to see if I can help my consulting client with something new. Might need to shuffle around my discretionary time activities in order to make space for it, or adjust expectations if this is what we have to work with. A- has been settling into a pretty regular routine. She wakes up around 9ish. Aside from nursing, we usually have breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, and an evening snack. We go out for a walk almost every day, and there's usually some kind of activity too. She settles in bed at around 10pm, although she tends to nurse on and off until about 4 AM before settling into a longer sleep. She usually has 2-3 naps during the day, although sometimes it's just low-power nursing mode. I've been prioritizing daytime activities that are stimulating for A-, so we've been going to neighbourhood resource centres. I feel less comfortable working on my laptop while she's awake, since it's important to interact with her and help her learn. I'm somewhat more okay with setting her down on the floor while I tidy or do other chores, since I can narrate those without verbal interference and it contributes to the household. If W-'s around, I'd rather spend time with both of them than go off to do my own thing. Drawing on paper might let me move daily journals to our after-dinner or before-bed play/reading session, because I can review the day out loud with A-. So my main computer time for writing, coding, or consulting tends to be between 1 AM to 3 AM. If I nap when she nurses/nap, that helps a little with energy and focus. I've been averaging 2 hours a week of consulting, which was enough to fill up the pipeline of stuff they wanted from me. The new thing I want to help with might be a bigger chunk of focus and energy, though, since it's something I'm less familiar with. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Next week: cardiology, carpet-stretching, and lots of Toronto Public Health stuff: Make the Connection, the family home visitor, and a follow-up with the dietitian. 2016-09-07a Week ending 2016-09-02 -- index card #journal #weekly output Blog posts Sketches Focus areas and time review
  • Business (1.3h - 0%)
    • ☐ Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Earn (1.2h - 94% of Business)
    • Build (0.1h - 5% of Business)
    • Connect (0.0h - 0% of Business)
  • Relationships (5.3h - 3%)
    • ☑ Decide on travel insurance
    • ☑ Get eye report from eye doctor
    • ☑ Pick up A-'s Canadian passport
    • ☑ Check if hydro debit went through
    • ☐ Check on RESP to see if it's been set up; transfer if so
    • ☐ Print family photos
    • ☐ Check out follow-up session
  • Discretionary - Productive (8.2h - 4%)
    • Drawing (5.7h)
    • Emacs (0.8h)
    • Coding (0.4h)
      • ☑ Add movie script to web
      • ☑ Fix website
    • Sewing (0.0h)
    • Writing (0.3h)
  • Discretionary - Play (2.5h - 1%)
  • Personal routines (17.5h - 10%)
  • Unpaid work (75.5h - 44%)
    • Childcare (69.1h - 41% of total)
  • Sleep (57.6h - 34% - average of 8.2 per day)

2016-09-05 Emacs News

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