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What do I write about that other people might find useful/interesting?

  • Emacs-related stuff
  • Personal information management and productivity
  • ShortStories and FlashFiction
  • Teaching reflections (haven’t been posting anything on this lately)

How do I currently organize things?

However, my wiki is not as organized and easy-to-read as it can be. It’s difficult for people to find Emacs-related code and posts, for example. There are a lot of posts all over the place. I need to make it easy for people to browse titles so that they can get an idea of the things I blog about as well as spot something possibly useful. Articles should also be linked to previous articles in the same topic.

The “Recent topics” thing in my sidebar is a good start. That way, people who visit my page instead of using an aggregator will be able to see a list of posts even if I skip days.

Hmmm… I wonder how I can improve the way things are organized, not only for people who read this on my site but also for people who aggregate things…

May 8, 2012

I think a lot about how I can organize the information in my blog so that I can find things again and so that other people can make sense of my brain. My latest attempt is to manually maintain a topical index of my blog posts. WordPress plugins also help people discover old blog posts.

The links here are no longer useful because I’ve stopped using Planner to organize my notes. I’ve moved my Planner notes into WordPress, though, so you can browse through the categories and subscribe to them at

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