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I've thought a fair bit about life this year, and I'm getting a better
idea of what I want to do. My short-term focus is research, and
technology evangelism seems like a good medium-term thing.

  1. 2006.05.24#10: More thoughts about what I want to do with my life
  2. 2006.05.27#4: My goal in life: sales and marketing?
  3. 2006.06.25#8: What I want to do with my life: tell stories
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  5. 2006.07.03#1: Thinking and not thinking
  6. 2006.07.08#1: Imagining the future
  7. 2006.07.24#2: Remembering my purpose; hooray for writing!
  8. 2006.08.21#6: Living with others and living alone
  9. 2006.09.02#4: A passion for social systems – clues to my next short-term step?
  10. 2006.09.05#4: More thoughts on what I want to do with my life
  11. 2006.09.07#3: The Secret
  12. 2006.09.13#2: What makes a good life?
  13. 2006.10.02#5: Life!
  14. 2006.10.27#1: Looking for a personal board of directors
  15. 2006.11.02#1: Microsoft evangelism – tempting!
  16. 2006.12.12#3: Found my vertical: HR

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