Dinner on the periodic table

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Geekiness makes my heart flutter.

Last night, we had dinner with W-‘s family. Conversation topic? The periodic table, would you believe it. His dad was quizzing one of the kids on what the valence number of carbon was, and before long, most people were involved in trying to reconstruct the periodic table from memory. Ah, geeks.

That reminded me of my friends, who were Quite Geeky as well. One of them could perform the parlor trick of rattling off the elements of the periodic table, in order. He also memorized quite a number of digits of pi. One of my favourite memories of my group of friends is of that night that we were hanging out on the roofdeck, and the talk turned to secret geek powers. _Two_ of my friends started listing the digits of pi, in unison. Stereo geekiness! (No wonder I had crushes on them at some point. <laugh>)

And W-… Ah, W-. We were playing Twenty Questions with J- once, and it was W-‘s turn to come up with something. Several questions in, I asked, "Is it flexible?" He laughed and said, "To an engineer, everything is flexible," and we had a fun time joking about engineer quirks. With all the wordplay, the computer-related jokes, and the general math and science quirkiness we share… Whee!

We also appreciate geekiness in other fields. There are photography geeks, bike saddle geeks, and so on. There’s just something fascinating about people who are fascinated by knowledge.

It’s fun being a geek.

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