Decision review: Kitchen counter computing (ad hoc standing desk)

| decision, geek, kaizen, review

imageI switched to using the kitchen counter as my standing desk last month, and it’s working really well. I like working in the kitchen: natural light, plenty of water and healthy snacks, and the occasional cat-cuddling break. The kitchen counter is just the right height for typing. I don’t have an eye-level monitor, but if I keep good posture and take frequent breaks (to cuddle cats, for example), my neck doesn’t hurt.

Standing up also keeps me from the bad habit of crossing my legs at the knees. I fidget more, too – do more stretches, take care of more little chores around the kitchen while thinking about code. Good for circulation.

Not a bad experiment. I think I’ll keep on going.

Now if only we had counters at the right height in the office. There’s a bar-height counter, but it’s a little too high for me to comfortably type on. Maybe two recycling bins upended on a desk…

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