Weekly review: Week ending March 2, 2012

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Second week of being on my own! Pretty good, actually. I’ve started drawing book notes instead of just writing about the books I’ve read. I also organized my sketchnotes for Quantified Self Toronto, and I’ve put them up on http://quantifiedself.ca. I think there’s something promising here in organizing and drawing information, and I’d like to explore that further.

I’m starting with consulting next week. It’s probably going to be intense – two months, mostly-full-time – but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share what I’ve been learning about adoption.

I finished my resolutions (including typing up that really long banking resolution from RBC), and I’m now an actual shareholder in my very own corporation. Looks like it’s all systems go!

From last week’s plans

  • Business
    • [X] Finish resolutions
    • [X] File initial notice
    • [-] Review and revise The Shy Connector
    • [X] Talk to accountants
    • Looked into AdSense
  • Relationships
    • [X] Attend Tania’s get-together
    • [X] Plan a get-together for March
    • Attended Quantified Self Toronto meetup
    • Organized notes for Quantified Self Toronto
    • Helped J review for swimming test
    • Talked to Jane Zhang and Tierney Smith about workshops and technology adoption

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • [ ] Start with enterprise collaboration consulting
    • [ ] Business dev: Redesign site landing page and about page
    • [ ] Business dev: Create and post more visual book notes
    • [ ] Follow up with project O
    • [ ] Reach out to Quantified Awesome folks
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Attend Maira’s get-together
    • [ ] Attend Ruby Hack Night
    • [ ] Attend Annika Martins meetup
  • Life
    • [ ] Go for a two-hour walk
    • [ ] Plan what I want to learn how to draw

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