Weekly review: Week ending December 21, 2012

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Quite a week indeed! Hosting people for tea, going to two dinners with friends, preparing for hosting W-‘s family…

Doing lots of sales and marketing, too. I figured out a name for my company: Experivis! =) (Story) I’ll keep working on the site and the other sales/marketing materials after the break.

From last week’s plans

CD – could delegate?; PD – partly delegated!


  • [X] Earn: E1: Check in on E1 and theme
  • [X] Earn: Review I2 sketches
  • Earn: Sent v3 of I2 sketches
  • [X] Earn: Follow up on Hardlines (CD)
  • [P] Earn: Send Hardlines invoice – waiting for them to get back to me (CD)
  • [X] Build: Try including Criselda in weekly review sessions – next delegation goal: data entry
  • [X] Build: Share marketing resources with Tipera
  • [X] Connect: Have lunch with Karim (Third Ocean)
  • [X] Connect: Get together with Rafael and Adnan regarding their startup idea
  • [C] Connect: Sketchnote ENT101 – none until January
  • [X] Connect: Connect with other sketchnoters / graphic recorders/facilitators
  • [X] Build: Experiment with using mornings for coding – yay!
  • Connect: Shared sketchnoting tips with Tamara (CD – writer/artist?)
  • Connect: Reached out to HRPA on Twitter, got a retweet
  • Build: Requested review copy of Visual Leaders (CD – writer)
  • Build: Worked on marketing copy oriented towards conference organizers, with help from Tipera (PD)
  • Build: Created website for Experivis (CD – WordPress)
  • Build: Set up galleries on Experivis (CD – WordPress)
  • Build: Wrote bios for Experivis (CD – writer)
  • Build: Improved templates for main site (CD – WordPress)
  • Build: Reviewed copy and layout for leave-behind marketing material (PD)
  • Build: Redirected subdomains to pages on my main blog (CD – WordPress)
  • Build: Documented process for requesting review copies
  • Build: Balanced my business books (CD – bookkeeper; 8 minutes)


  • [X] Host get-together
  • [X] Have dinner with Rachel Lane and friends
  • [X] Have dinner with David Ing and friends
  • [X] Attend krav fitness class – survived, yay!
  • [X] Spend time with W-
  • Help prepare for family party


  • [X] Write more personal stories
  • Quantified Awesome: Added split-by-midnight option (CD – Rails)
  • Quantified Awesome: Crunched my time data (CD – analytics)
  • Updated financial tracking spreadsheet
  • Updated ledger and broke down credit card transactions into separate monthly categories for easier doublechecking

Plans for next week


  • [ ] Take a break! =)


  • [ ] Host get-together for W-‘s family


  • [ ] Have massage
  • [ ] Review year
  • [ ] Choose blog highlights
  • [ ] Analyze blog following this pattern

Time review

  • Business: 37.5 hours (Connect: 13.6, Drawing: 0.8, Illustration: 1.9, Coding: 4.5)
  • Discretionary: 30.0 hours (Social: 12.6, Writing: 8.9)
  • Personal: 21.7 hours (Routines: 14.3)
  • Sleep: 62.3 hours – average of 8.9 hours per day
  • Unpaid work: 16.5 hours (Commuting: 5.2, Cook: 2.8, Tidy: 6.8)

Blog posts

My favourite post from this week was #4, because I spent more time thinking about the sales and marketing for my business. Runner-up: #5 (my time analysis) because I crunched lots of numbers and learned a little more about how I use time.

  1. Weekly review: Week ending December 14, 2012
  2. Decision review: Art class (includes sketches)
  3. Tips for growing as a sketchnoter
  4. Imagining sketchnotes as a business
  5. Quantified Self: Learning from a year of time data and planning what to tweak in 2013
  6. Delegation: Being clear about what you value
  7. Understanding how I’m changing as a speaker

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