Weekly review: Week ending June 12, 2015

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It was a good week for small steps. I've been settling into a new daily routine: a little bit of code, a book, some thinking… In terms of code, I've been focusing on adding D3 visualizations and other smarts to my Angular+Node tracker. I've been reading about thinking and memory, and thinking about what I can build or practice in order to get better at those things. Overall, though, I continue to be taking it easy – letting go of more of my previous commitments, clearing the way for other experiments.

2015-06-14c Week ending 2015-06-12 -- index card #journal #weekly


Blog posts


Link round-up

  • 5 reasons not to use your virtual assistant: the Amy scheduling AI looks interesting. It would be neat to check that out when it's more open. Interesting approach (probably hybrid person+AI) and conversational interface. I wonder what I can build and use along those lines…

Focus areas and time review

  • Business (23.0h – 13%)
    • Earn (6.0h – 25% of Business)
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Build (14.2h – 61% of Business)
      • Drawing (9.4h)
      • Paperwork (0.0h)
    • Connect (2.8h – 12% of Business)
  • Relationships (10.6h – 6%)
  • Discretionary – Productive (11.6h – 6%)
    • Emacs (0.7h – 0% of all)
      • Reschedule Emacs Lisp Development Tips episode with jwiegley
      • Announce Emacs Hangout 2015-06-17
      • Host Emacs Hangout
    • Writing (4.5h)
    • Get travis working again for quantified awesome
    • Call with new totals
  • Discretionary – Play (20.9h – 12%)
  • Personal routines (28.3h – 16%)
  • Unpaid work (14.5h – 8%)
  • Sleep (59.2h – 35% – average of 8.5 per day)

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