Weekly review: Week ending May 17, 2019

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  • Kaizen
    • W- repainted the insides of two of the kitchen cabinets.
    • I used Tasker to make a notification-triggered dialog to help me type or dictate text into ConnectBot. I also changed TERM to xterm, which seems to stop it from choking on long lines. That might make it easier to use Emacs for quick notes.
    • I merged the changes to my Emacs config.
    • I merged outstanding pull requests and issues for planet.emacsen.org into planet.emacslife.com .
    • I added conversion rates to the USD transactions in my ledger so that I can get better reports.
    • I fixed the SSL certificate for sketches.sachachua.com .
    • I added a :target option to TOC in Org Mode. Whee! I even wrote documentation and tests. I feel like such a grown-up.
    • W- and I talked a little about plans for working on the house. I want to learn practical life skills, so it’s worth paying for babysitting instead of paying for home maintenance help. We’ll experiment with getting a babysitter on Saturday to see what that might be like. A- seems to be on board with the idea.
    • Because A- will probably still occasionally run into questions on the playground and in school even after she gets a painted ocular prosthesis, I ordered a book on parenting children with a facial difference.
    • I pumped air into my bicycle tires and hitched up the trailer. A- accompanied me on a couple of errands to get cat food and groceries. It was nice to be back on a bike again, even though it took me a while to remember how to shift gears.
  • Us
    • Mustard and balsamic chicken thighs: quick and easy
    • I stayed up too late and felt very tired and sneezy during the day.
    • Just noticed a number of small scratches on my phone, including one right in front of the front camera. Oh well! I think I’ll hang on to this until it’s unusable instead of getting on the upgrade treadmill.
  • Gross motor
    • A- did the I love you gesture a number of times.
    • We introduced Melissa and H- to our favourite playground at the moment. The kids had lots of fun climbing, sliding, swinging, and spinning.
    • We went to the High Park nature playground. A- liked playing with the slides, zipline-type thing, and swing. She mostly went around with me, but she also experimented with going around by herself.
  • Fine motor
    • A- carefully coloured in the animal shapes at the High Park Zoo.
  • Sensory
    • We swam at Pam McConnell. A- liked the floatation devices.
  • Language
    • A- asked the babysitter to read Polo aime Bottine.
    • A- did the eye exam by reading letters, which impressed the orthoptist. As the letters got smaller, her voice got smaller and higher.
    • “In the meantime, we can talk. Once there was a little boy named Daddy, who loved–what did you love?” “Ice cream.” “… who loved ice cream.”
  • Art
    • A- tried out the paint roller. She made one painting that reminded us of the sun, and another that reminded us of tigers.
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- got stuck behind the automatic door at the supermarket. She stayed calm instead of panicking. She followed my hand signals and stepped aside, then went through when a grown-up triggered the door.
    • A- had a small wound on her finger, and dirt had gotten into it. We cleaned it out with alcohol swabs, which she didn’t like at all. After we covered it with a bandage, she was fine again.
    • A- was more relaxed in the shower today, and even got her hair wet.
  • Eating
    • A- asked for three kinds of sourdough for breakfast: pancakes, breadsticks, and bread.
  • Sleep
    • A- seems to have just rolled over and gone to sleep after our usual bedtime routines. Neat! She’s been waking up between 6 to 7:30 and goes to bed around 8:30 PM, with the occasional afternoon nap if she had lots of fun at the playground.
  • Emotion
    • A- was delaying bedtime, and W- got impatient with her. A- said, “No Daddy being bossy!” After she calmed down and I settled her into bed, she asked, “Why is Daddy so bossy?” I explained why we set boundaries, why W- wouldn’t let her slide down the stairs backwards on her bare tummy, and why that doesn’t make him bossy.
    • We were both a bit grumpy because of hunger and fatigue.
  • Household
    • A- helped me adjust the seasoning for the sweet potato soup.
  • Social
    • A- asked for canned vegetable soup for lunch, so the babysitter checked with me and then prepared it for her. After some time playing at home, A- asked permission to go to the playground. She walked all the way there (1 km) and they stayed until it rained. We tried six hours with the babysitter this time around. A- felt it was still too short! :)
    • A- liked going down the staircase with eyes closed, relying on me for guidance.
    • One of the kids at the playground kept asking A- about her eye and wouldn’t back off until I climbed into the playset. A- had felt a little overwhelmed, so she resorted to saying “No, no, no!” and covering her eye. She let out her tension with a good cry in my arms, and then went back to playing.
    • A- and I talked a bit before going to bed. She asked about the kid who kept asking about her eye, and we talked about dealing with people’s questions. We talked about the ocular prosthesis she’s getting in a few weeks, how that can help, and how she’ll still need to deal with questions if she doesn’t want to wear it (she says her conformer gets very cold in winter) or if she needs to take it out.
  • Pretend
    • “I’m going to go back to eating my silage.”
    • “I need you to be an excavator and I be a hydraulic ram.”
  • Cognition
    • At the science centre, A- pretended to rock out in front of the green screen, imitating other kids. She had fun at the pretend supermarket. We didn’t see any smocks near the water table, so she asked me to take her shirt off before playing with the water.
  • World
    • We checked the TTC lost and found for A-‘s shoes, but no luck.
    • We went with Melissa and H- to the High Park Zoo for llama feeding. A- fed the llamas with a little guidance from me, and then delightedly fed them by herself.
    • A- was curious about the temporary tattoes at the High Park Zoo, so I donated $1 and got one for her. She counted partway through the transfer time.
  • Oops
    • A- tumbled down a few steps. It was probably partly because she was impatient and wanted me to play tinikling with her, and partly because her pants were a little too long and loose.

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