Weekly review: Week ending May 24, 2019

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  • Kaizen
    • I put away our winter coats.
    • I helped W- check the roof for leaks.
    • We decided to scale back our gardening because A- and I might be away this summer.
    • I baked sourdough bread in a skillet. Nicer crust this time.
    • I looked into the Google Photos REST API, but I might want to do my photo organization a different way. It’s annoying to check which albums a photo is in.
    • I called my cellphone provider to turn on porting protection.
    • I changed the synchronization directory for Orgzly and cleared my inbox.
    • I used Tasker to rename my QuickNote from Markor.
    • I tried a different sourdough recipe. I used the stand mixer to knead it until it cleaned the sides of the bowl, which took a surprisingly long time. When I baked it in a loaf pan the next day, I worried that I’d overmixed it because it felt so hard. It turned out fine – even a little soft inside because I pulled it out of the oven early. Yum!
    • We used six hours of babysitting time to make good progress on fixing up the shelves in the kitchen. We cleared two cabinets. W- helped me work with drywall, use the mitre saw to cut pieces of trim, use the nail gun to fasten the trim, and scrub sticky shelves with baking soda. An afternoon well spent!
    • The new version of Orgzly has a widget for creating a new note in a specified notebook. Great! I put that on my phone’s home screen so that I can use it for capturing thoughts.
  • Us
    • W- and I played the first Borderlands game.
    • W- hung out with A- almost the whole day. I did some cooking and baking, but I don’t feel like I was as productive as he might have been.
    • I gave some feedback on Emacs conference plans.
    • I checked flights and travel insurance for a possible July/Aug trip to the Netherlands.
    • I helped Amin check out the capabilities and limitations of Jitsi for a potential Emacs conference.
    • I partially updated my ledger.
    • I updated the investments part of my ledger.
    • I was a little cranky with A- while we were washing dishes, but I was able to let go of it quickly because I saw that she was actually pretty careful about what she was doing.
    • The main point of the first Nobody’s Perfect parenting workshop session was that it’s good to take care of yourself. You’re top priority.
    • We stayed up a little to play Borderlands. We decided not to get the remastered one for now, as that would require a PS4 too.
  • Gross motor
    • A- went across the monkey bars with just a little help.
  • Fine motor
    • A- found the yarn needle in her caddy and asked for some thread. We gave her some butcher twine. She threaded the needle herself. The babysitter helped her sew a small bag by holding pieces of felt together and pointing to where A- should push the needle in or out.
  • Sensory
    • A- had fun at the playground despite the strong winds. She liked climbing up and sliding down, and she also played in the sandbox.
  • Language
    • “Goodness!”
    • W-: “Can I eat this?” A-: “You may.”
    • “I’m still in KLM livery.”
    • “I’m spraying special aluminum oxide particles into the open areas,” A- said as she watered the grass.
    • “I messed up and that was an experience.”
    • “I want to go to preschool. I want to be part of a team.”
    • “That was lovely.”
  • Art
    • “I love the patterns of red and yellow.”
    • “I drew a rectangle.”
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- decided to have a shower instead of a bath. She even got her hair wet.
    • A- brought down one of the hand towels and packed it in her bag. She said, “I can fix my own problems with this towel.”
    • A- generally stayed with me during the parenting workshop. She ate her snacks and played quietly beside me. She independently used the toilet while I stood outside the door.
  • Eating
    • A- was very keen on having an ice cream cone. She scooped ice cream out of it using a teaspoon, then ate it up.
  • Sleep
    • “Can I sleep?” We said yes, and A- fell asleep shortly after.
  • Emotion
    • Towards the end of A-‘s babysitting session, she got a bit tired and frustrated. She wanted to ask the babysitter to get out of her chair, but she couldn’t use the words that the babysitter wanted to teach her. She ended up just leaning against the chair. After the babysitter got up, she dragged the chair into the hallway.
    • A- had a tantrum because I ate a few of her carrot sticks, and because she was impatient about going to the workshop. She settled after I brought out the carrier and put her in it.
    • Me: “You spent a lot of time in the green zone today.” A-: “And a little in the red zone.”
  • Household
    • I bought tomato, rosemary, thyme, and strawberry plants. A- helped me plant the tomatoes. Whipe I was thinking about where to put the other plants, she brought the thyme over and started trying to dump it out. I let her pick spots for the herbs and I planted them.
    • A- has definitely taken ownership of watering the grass. “No, you may not have a turn!”
    • A- made up a dance for when she waters the grass. There’s a lot of wiggling.
  • Social
    • A- didn’t want to play with one of the kids at the playground, probably because that kid had followed her around wanting to play with her. A- covered her eye and ran to me. The other kid often tried approaching her while we were there, and A- kept turning to me in distress. Eventually she calmed down enough to play sort of near the other kid, although she still preferred to play on her own.
  • World
    • A- had fun watching W- use the power washer to clean the green bin. She also got to try the caulking gun and our neighbour’s paint sprayer.

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