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Adphoto website plans

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My dad wants to be able to update the pictures on the Adphoto website
easily. The iPhoto Flickr export plugin looks pretty nifty, and if I
can make something similar, that would be ubercool.

Hmm. Must redesign site. Brochure-ware, perhaps also stock photography?

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Fixed the network connection

| adphoto

Celine was having terrible problems with her network connection.
Initially I thought it was because Quickbooks couldn’t handle the
cascaded switch configuration, but with packet loss of over 50% and
only two hosts connected to the switch, it didn’t seem to be a
resource problem. The high packet loss meant that Quickbooks was
practically unusable. When I took my laptop down to the lobby for
diagnostics, I couldn’t even ping the server. The tester lit up the
lines in the right order, although one of the cables didn’t have a
working pin 1.

After some poking around, I threw my hands up and crimped one of the
spare cables according to the standards. (Good thing we had spares!)
Lo and behold! It worked! I should leave a wiring diagram in Jun’s
networking toolbox.

Does anyone have a 110 punch tool for terminating wall mounts? I
expected the wall mounts to be self-terminating like the patch panels
in the dorm, but that wasn’t the case. PC Express carries wall mounts,
but not the tool for terminating them—go figure!

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Adphoto notes

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  • 1. What must a sales person be, have, know or learn to be effective in sales?
  • 2. Difference between sales and marketing functions; sales vs sales management
  • presentable; pleasing personality; approachable
  • communications: spoken, written English and Tagalog; negotiation; good listener; presentation skills; computer literacy/savvy
  • ethics
  • training: product knowledge: equipment, services, photographers’ skills and expertise; sales, presentation skills
  • job description
  • familiarization with company (people, facilities, policies, organization structure, presentation/sales kits (images, spiel/script)
  • clients: know clients and their requirements; who? territorial assignments
  • pricing
  • competitors
  • performance
  • employment contracts

training: when?

  • as soon as hired
  • continuing training
  • periodic

lack of training

  • not productive
  • short of knowledge
  • lack of confidence
  • wrong information
  • not professional
  • train, keep
  • train, lose
  • not train, keep
  • not train, lose XX

Why do clients get Adphoto?

  • quality of work
  • support service
  • good food
  • Lucas
  • fast delivery
  • high tech
  • good reputation
  • facilities
  • we go to them

what do we need to train: (materials)

  • portfolios
  • list of equipment and usage
  • photographers’ profiles
  • list of clients
  • pricing guidelines / rate sheets / stock photos / equipment rental / studio rentals
  • company policies
  • sales policies
  • job descriptions
  • reports / forms / analysis: billing (per qtr, per client, per …), collection, cost estimate, job, sched, delivery receipt. frequency, volume, value.
  • workflow
  • corporate profile
  • services
  • supplies
  • performance evaluation
  • advertising and promo materials
  • employment contracts


  • 1. prepare a training manual
  • 2. prepare a training program
  • 3. update old employees’ employment contracts, job description
  • 4. look for someone to handle sales training
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| adphoto

The network tester I bought yesterday was very useful. Celine and Yaya
suddenly lost network connection, and the tester quickly showed me
that both cables going to the first floor had been significantly
damaged. I showed Jun how the network tester tests individual wires.
We think rats might have chewed on the wires. Jun will rewire the
connection going downstairs. I gave him the wall mounts, networking
jacks, cable reel, and network tester: he's all set to do some major
networking stuff.

Celine didn't receive some mail Mom sent her, so I confirmed that the
server had plenty of free space and I sent another test message.
However, my mom's default settings with Globelines didn't work.

To prevent its mail servers from being used for spam, Globelines
requires users to check their Globelines account before allowing them
to send mail through its servers (POP before SMTP). I didn't want to
save my mom's Globelines password on all the computers that needed to
send mail. On 2005.03.03, I installed another network card in our
IntranetServer and configured it to check my mom's Globelines account
regularly. This worked without a hitch because I had assigned
addresses to keep the two networks separate.

When they plugged the wireless router in, though, the factory defaults
conflicted with my addressing scheme. I suppose she had luckily
managed to avoid those problems for a while. Still, fixing it was
just a matter of sitting down and configuring the router properly. I
set the router password and the wireless security settings as well.

We're still not done arranging for Mom's flight to Canada. Argh.
The printer's annoying, the website's somewhat frustrating… Mrph.

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Accomplishment report: Getting in touch with my inner networking geek

| adphoto
Reorganized network in lobby and Internet room

  • Prepared and printed instructions for connecting to the Internet and
    configuring one's mail client. Posted on wall of Internet room.
  • Discussed network configuration with Jun and networking technician.
    They were both pleased at the reduction of work in my proposed star
    configuration because adding a switch downstairs means not having to
    rip out a cable every time something got broken. While I was out
    buying equipment, they laid a new line going downstairs and removed
    lines that were not responding. As a result, the hub is less
    congested now.
  • Bought 2 8-port switches, 2 extra LAN cards and 20 RJ45 ends.
    Paid cash and submitted receipts.
  • Helped network technician crimp 6 lengths of 3 meter patch cable.
    Chatted with him about networking and mentioned that I was planning
    to put one of the switches downstairs even though they had fixed the
    broken intranet connection already, as I would need another port
    anyway. He helpfully installed it, keeping in mind which line was
    straighter than the other. Nice person.
  • (Here's the fun part.) Overhauled wiring in Internet room by myself.
    Removed the DSL router. Connected the 8-port switch with the DSL
    router. Arranged the new cables. Successfully browsed.
  • Panicked when Mac and Kathy couldn't send mail through Globelines.
    Frantically tried to configure mail before giving them a direct
    connection to Destiny as a quick workaround.
  • Successfully sent a test message from Microsoft Entourage using after spending a total of almost an hour on
    the phone with Globelines tech support trying various combinations:
    with authentication, with SSL, etc.
  • Configured Mom's laptop to send mail through Globelines. She
    successfully sent mail from her main account, but then got “relaying
    denied” errors as her old accounts weren't configured yet. Finished
    configuring her laptop. No complaints so far.
  • Neatly bound most wires with twist ties. Removed unnecessary things
    from Internet room shelf and piled them outside.

  • Installed new LAN card in server. Wiped off most of the dust inside
    the case. (We have dust bunnies. Eek.)
  • Successfully turned on server. (It's always a scary thing, turning on
    a computer with no monitor in sight…) responded to both Web and login.
  • Pleasantly surprised to see scheduling application still alive.
    Reset scheduling application database and successfully tested job
    creation and and view/search.


  • Bought cat litter and dog food. Paid cash and submitted receipts.
  • Helped Miguel Paraz with a computer science parsing problem.
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Supplier's directory

| adphoto

Supplier's Directory: Studio / Gear Rentals
lists Adphoto, Inc. =) Nice write-up.

In brief: A well-established firm that rents out studios—from modest
40 sq. meter units to a columnless 240 sq. meter studio for cars and
huge setups. They've got studios with kitchen facilities for food
photography, and studios with adjoining dressing / make-up rooms for
talent / fashion shoots. They also rent out a full-range of digital
equipment (think Hasselblads, Sinars, Fuji, and PhaseOne digital
systems) and can build sets and source props.

They also provide photography services through their pool of in-house
photography pros—John K. Chua, G-nie Arambulo, Mac Antonio, Kathy
Chua, and Ben Chan.

Note: A full-service studio that has near everything you can dream of
needing. They've also been operating for years and years. For more
info, you should look for Ms. Harvey V. Chua (that's not a typo, SHE
should be able to help you out).

Page maintained by Taj Deluria.


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Accomplishment report for 2005.03.01

Posted: - Modified: | adphoto

Confirmed Globe DSL SMTP server

  • Found written on DSL box.
  • Sent and received test e-mail.
  • Confirmed with DSL tech support and Ben.
  • Next action: None

Updated studio list on website

  • Cut, cropped, and recolored photos from AdphotoProfile1.pdf.
  • Placed the pictures on Adphoto: Studio » Facilities.
  • Next action: Get better information on studios (dimensions, facilities)

Submitted site to web directories

  • Open Directory Project,, Tanikalang Ginto, (specializations: Advertising, special effects, digital, stock, product/studio still life)
  • Expect two weeks or more before listings show up.
  • Blurb used: Advertising photography and digital imaging from award-winning pioneers John Chua, G-nie Arambulo, Mac Antonio, Kathy Chua. 30+ years of experience of working with both local and international clients.
  • Next action: None

Worked on Haribon sponsorship letter

  • Rewrote proposal to be more attractive to potential sponsors.
  • Next action: Follow up with Dad
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