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CookOrDie: Day 1

Survived my experiment. (I think; I feel a little bit bloated, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.)

Passed by the supermarket before going to the dorm. Still no large potatoes.

6 pita pockets 39.99
5 native tomatoes 7.65
4 Hungarian cocktail sausages 36.40
Cheese lying around ref have no idea, but I know I must have bought it before

Best result today:

  1. Put cocktail sausage into toaster and set for four minutes.
  2. While the sausage is cooking, wash and chop a tomato.
  3. Slice some cheese into thin strips, too.
  4. Slice sausage.
  5. Distribute tomato, cheese and sausage over the surface of one pita, concentrating on an axis.
  6. Heat the pita for a minute or two in the toaster.

Couldn’t buy just one sausage – minimum is 100g, which is approximately 4 cocktail sausages. This may have been a good thing, though. Hungarian sausage made concoction pleasantly spicy.

Experimented with leaving the cocktail sausage whole. Less work, but sausage taste overwhelming and somewhat monotonous because you know where it is.


Approximate cost of one pita: (+ (/ 39.99 6) (/ 7.65 5) (/ 36.40 4)) ~
PHP 17.25 Two pitas made me somewhat full. Actually, I had three pitas
and two sausages, so that’s ~ 42.75. If I had only two pitas,
(* 2 (+ (/ 39.99 6) (/ 7.65 5) (/ 36.40 4))) ~ 34.50 isn’t too bad.
KFC’s original-recipe 1-pc chicken is 49, though, and it comes with water.
Still, KFC’s original-recipe 1-pc chicken is _not_ going to help me
Learn How To Cook, and it won’t satisfy my CookOrDie constraint.

Possible next step:

Bacon, mushroom and cheese pita

Future recommendations:

  • Match the number of ingredients. Then again, this could be the coding practice of leaving something broken, as mismatched ingredients + CookOrDie constraint spurs creativity.
  • Heat pita while slicing sausage? This requires too much back-and-forth, though, so it might not be worth it.
  • Move chopping board to kitchen table.
  • Should experiment with non-pita bread to see if it is worth the difference.

CookOrDie Day 2: Veal sausage and potatoes

Plan for dinner:

  • One of those large sausages
  • Two baked regular potatoes (possibly with cheese)
  • Toasted buttered pita bread

I can just hear it now.

Welcome to Day 2 of CookOrDie: Adventures of a Desperate
Cook! I’m Sacha Chua and I’ll be your host for today’s segment, “Veal
sausage and potatoes”.

It has all the makings of a bad survival show… Hey, now there’s an
idea – grab a bunch of geeks who have no idea how to cook, turn them
loose in a supermarket with a budget of PHP 100 (~ USD 2) a day, and
see how long they can survive without repeating recipes and using only
a microwave and a toaster oven!

This meal was a bit more expensive than it should have been, but I
know how to fix it now. It came to a total of (+ 44 9.25), or 53.25. I
can improve this by using more potatoes, thus ensuring that I can keep
half of the bratwurst for breakfast the next day. If I doubled my
portion of potatoes and added some herbs and spices – would you
believe that I have neither salt nor pepper? – then I could have a
good meal for (+ 22 (* 2 9.25)), or 40.50.

Microwave chopped potatoes (1/4 ~ 1/2 inch) for 2.5 minutes.

Must find correct way to use butter to flavor these things. Trying to
put garlic in butter didn’t really do anything either.

You know what? I should learn how to toast garlic, or however they
prepare the garlic that goes on top of arrozcaldo…

Realization #1: Pita pockets are named pita pockets for a _reason_. I
should try Hungarian-sausage+tomato+cheese stuffed pita pockets. Maybe
tomorrow; I can bring neat little sandwich bags to the UPSA rehearsal.

Realization #2: If I slice the sausages before putting them in the
oven toaster, then they have nice texture.

Tomorrow: Pita pockets of slice-toasted Hungarian sausages, mushrooms
and cheese.

CookOrDie Day 3: more sausages

Plan for dinner:

  • Sausage slices in pita bread with mushrooms

Realized that I could slice the sausage slices and put them in an airtight container (top shelf), chop up the mushrooms and put them in another container (ref), and prepare stuff quickly by just grabbing ingredients from said airtight containers, heating them at the same time in the oven toaster or micro, stuffing them into pitas, and toasting the pitas.

CookOrDie Day 5: More sausages

Had to throw away remaining pitas as they had gotten moldy. Have discovered use of Ziploc sandwich bags – put pitas into separate ziplock bags and placed them in freezer. No longer need to worry about mold, but should still use the pitas soon.

Still living off Hungarian sausages and mushrooms. Must find ways to be more creative. Packed lunch in sandwich bags – sausages and mushrooms, as was too lazy to dice cheese. Pita was nice and crisp, though – removed pan from oven toaster and toasted the pita on the grill.