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Quick show update: Learning Together #01, Helpers Help Out #02

Why wait until 2014 to start working on things that I think are a good idea? =) Since I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts while commuting or walking around, I figured I should start making some as well so that people can learn more conveniently. Besides, it will be a great way to practise producing shows and sharing ideas. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Helpers Help Out – a weekly show for Google Helpouts providers (~700 people, pretty exclusive at the moment =) )

2013-11-29 Helpers Helpout 02 - Communicating with Clients Before and After Helpouts

More info on

I want to share learning-related tips and give people a space for picking my brain, too, so here’s Learning Together:

I’ll publish a more detailed blog post with MP3s and everything soon. I’m going to see if I can have it transcribed. =) They say the cobbler’s children have no shoes, but I want to see if I can make these things as well as I can. You can check for details of the next event, and you can download the MP3 from .

Some notes from producing the shows:

2013-11-29 Helpers Help Out 02 - Post-production notes

2013-12-01 Show post-production notes

2013-11-29 Fridays for podcasts

HHO003: Building a Brand

This week’s panel focused on how to build your brand and, therefore, your business.
For reference, this chat was at 10-11 PM EST (7 PM PST) on Friday, Dec 6, 2013.


HHO004: Irresistible Helpouts

This week’s panel focused on Irresistible Helpouts – making your Helpout stand out!
Show notes – will post the link as soon as available.
For reference, this chat was at 10-11 PM EST (7 PM PST) on Friday, Dec 20, 2013.

HHO005: Make Your Listing Better

2014-01-10 Helpers Help Out 05 - Make Your Listing Better


Notes from the Helpout creation process:

Title: (This is the last thing you write!)


First sentence: What’s the primary benefit/outcome I can deliver in the Helpout itself?
Add a sentence about why this matters. “I”)

(IMPORTANT: You have to teach people how to get the most from your Helpout. Sample questions/topic help. People might not know the questions to ask. Help them define the real problem.)

Here are some topics we can cover depending on your goals: … (Put them in charge; give 4-5 prompts)
or: Common problems we can resolve:
(Use active statements or questions: “How do I…?”)

Ideas: Video with some topic info? (Good for paid Helpouts, for example)
Validate the decision to schedule the Helpout, don’t distract them. Lead them back to the Helpout (ex: embedded video)
A confused mind always says no. Focus on getting people to schedule.

Get a second look! Search for Ramon’s copywriting Helpout and ask for help. (Free right now!)

Technical details = message

What keeps coming up? What do people keep talking about all the time? What are people frustrated by? – see forums, other people, etc.
Write with empathy. Step into their shoes. Not about you. See from their perspective. Talk to a lot of your prospective clients. Go to events! People lie online. They don’t tell you what’s really going on. (Even with surveys.) At dinner tables at conference, you get truth. Give up attachment to what it should be.

Create personas for your three most ideal clients. Include pictures (ex: Google Images). What do they care about? What’s their background? You want to get to know these people like family. Look into their eyes (in the photo) when writing, so you’re clear.

Different order = different results. Don’t start with the title first!
Start with the description. Go ahead and be raw. Prompt the person to click and open it. Remember that people see a small box.


Three bullet points. Ex:
X years of experience in ____.
Author of such and such. (You should write a book or a video course or a special report or something.)
Training in something specific. What makes you credible?
Awards Clients? Be careful about saying who, especially if it’s a sensitive topic

HHO006: Success Stories – Jeff Bond (and friends!)

UPDATE 2014-01-18: Stephan Bollenger -> Stephan Bollinger

2014-01-17 Helpers Help Out 006 - Success Stories - Jeff Bond v2

Click on the image for a larger version. Feel free to reuse/share it under the Creative Commons Attribution License. – Sacha Chua

Thanks to Jeff Bond, Graham Johnson, Ovais Absar, and Ramon Williamson for appearing on the show!

Check out for Ramon’s tips on adding frequently asked questions to your listing.

Google+ event page <– more comments, link to Q&A


This week: Set up a custom domain for your Helpouts. You can redirect the domain to a particular listing, or you can click on your name in Google Helpouts to see the page with all of your listings and then link to that URL. Have you registered your own domain? Reply with a comment below!